The Best Reverse Osmosis System to Buy

Every reverse osmosis system, no matter the price, brand, or style, uses a specific membrane to remove TDS (total dissolved solids) in addition to sediment or carbon reverse osmosis filter. So you might wonder why some of these systems are more expensive than others, and how can you decide which one to select? 

A reverse osmosis system is much helpful as compared to the traditional water filter. An RO system combines sediment and carbon filtration with a unique membrane to eliminate total dissolved solids from the water. Considering the types of membrane filtration, such as microfiltration, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis, an RO is the most exclusive. 

These systems use a specific water pressure to pass the water through a unique membrane to eliminate the dissolved solids. If your tap water contains a high quantity of TDS, then an RO system is the perfect option for you. 

Best Reverse Osmosis Systems

Here are some of the best reverse osmosis systems that you can buy:

Neo-Pure RO-4300 Reverse Osmosis System

The Neo-Pure RO-4300 is very easy to install and will perfectly fit in your kitchen. There is no need to worry about plastic pollution while throwing an old filter cartridge. Usually, the filters you see in the market contain plastic housing, but this RO system filter does not contain plastic; all the filters are made up of carbon. 

The process of changing these filters is not as easy as a quick-change filter, but it will not occupy much of your time. Several pharmaceutical companies across the US trust this RO system to remove harmful substances in the water. 

Flexeon BT-2000 Reverse Osmosis System

Commercial RO systems might work best for your house, but they are a little complicated to operate. The Flexeon BT-2000 is easy to install and is very effective. This RO system comes pre-assembled and is already wired for plumbing. 

It comes with a mounted stand, so there is no need to mount the system on the wall. As soon as you plug it in, the system is ready to operate. The entire installation process is simple, but you must call a plumber to fix it for you if you face some issues. The RO system is lightweight, and you can easily carry it if needed. You can also adjust the valves, gauges, and meters. 

Flexeon 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

An RO system water is perfect for a salt-water environment, as it can eliminate the dissolved solids that can make you sick. Like other RO systems, the Flexeon 5-stage RO system can remove 95 to 98 percent TDS level. Also, you can insert a DI (deionization) cartridge to lower the TDS level to 0 ppm. 

This RO system is best for an aquarium. It will remove all the dissolved particles that can make them sick. When you clean an aquarium, the tank must be refilled quickly, but most of the RO systems fill water slowly. In such a case, you have to add a booster pump to produce water at a faster rate, which can be quite expensive. The Flexeon RO system has an in-built booster pump that can easily increase the water flow. 

Pentair FreshPoint Reverse Osmosis System

If you own an RV, then you might have to install some additional components, which will take up some space. For such reasons, it is recommended that you use the FreshPoint RO system for your RV, as it is specially designed for tight areas. 

The filter can be replaced very easily, as the housings open towards you. These filters are considered quick-change, as they can be replaced with a single tap. 

Neo-Pure RO-4300 DLX Reverse Osmosis System

The Neo-Pure RO system can easily eliminate the problem of removing beneficial minerals and wasting water. This RO system comes with two extra components, a remineralizing filter, and a permeate pump. A permeate pump can save 85 percent more water than the commercial RO systems, and it will enhance the performance. 

It also includes an Apetra Alkaline water filter, which will correct the pH level to reduce the acidity and increase the mineral flavor by dissolving magnesium and calcium into your water. 

If you are looking for a reliable RO service provider, you must consider Cooee Water Filter Systems, as they deal in zip water cooler and RO systems. The company supplies, installs and services different types of water filtration systems. The company aims to keep the users safe and healthy by providing the best water filtration solutions. They also offer rental options; if you are not sure, you can try it first and then purchase it. 


RO water systems offer one of the best ways to produce clean and healthy water for your household. These systems are easy to install and to operate, and they can easily remove 95 to 98 percent of dissolved solids from the water. If you think that your water is not good, you must immediately get an RO system for good health.

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