The Benefits of Hiring a Mobile Gin Bar for Your Events

Sydney is a great city with many tourist attractions, especially with Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. These two iconic landmarks will serve as an excellent background for outdoor weddings and events. If you plan to host an outdoor event, there are many outdoor venues to choose from and look over.

However, some of these venues may not have a bar included in their package. Fortunately, some gin bars in Sydney allow you to have that choice and fulfillment for your event. Hiring a gin bar will lessen your worries and give you the following benefits. 

Drinks for Everybody.  

Believe it or not, several outdoor events venues do not include a bar. You would have to ask your venue owner to set up a bar in your rental package. You will need to get your drinks from your caterer.

However, a catering company that does not specialize in drinks may not give you the freedom to arrange your drinks that a gin bar can offer. A gin bar rental will include a fully-stocked bar with all the mixers and garnishes that would satisfy all your guests’ drink preferences. 

Licensing and Corkage. 

There are licensing laws for certain places if you plan to serve alcohol in your events. One common plan that people choose today is to serve free food and let their guests buy their drinks. This type of event is now widely accepted for a limited budget.

However,  venues that do not have a liquor license cannot provide alcohol to guests unless it is for free. When you hire a rental gin bar, the bar owner will handle all the necessary permits and licenses so that you can enjoy your party with drinks.

Added Experience for Your Guests. 

Certain gin bars that Archie Rose Distilling Co. owns can give your guests added experience. Like your guests can make their gin, or you can include a short masterclass in your program of events in gin making and let your guests take part in creating their gin or spirit concoction. 

Create a Signature Drink. 

If you host an event with a theme, you can talk to the bar owner and create a signature drink that you want at your event. You can give the signature drink a name that matches your event’s theme. 

Keeping Tabs on Your Guests.

 If you opt for a pay-for-your-own drinks event,  gin bars will have professional bartenders that will efficiently keep track of your guests’ drinking. These bartenders will have a keen eye on guests who can or cannot handle their drinks and refrain from giving them additional alcohol to prevent problems for the individual and for the surrounding. 

The Extra Mile.

Any gin bar in Sydney allows you to customize your drinks during the event to match your theme or décor. With proper communication and coordination, mobile bar owners will even decorate their bars to match your décor. Likewise, if your event is formal, the bartenders and servers would wear formal uniforms such as a bow tie to blend in with your guests. 

When you hire a gin bar, you will no longer have to worry about the drinks that you are serving your guests. You can relax and put your attention on other aspects of your event. 

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