The Advantages Of Having A Private Well At Your Home

Water is the most important thing for the survival of any species. You can theoretically survive three weeks without food, but just three days without water. Yet, despite this and the fact that 71% of the planet is covered in water, it is becoming an increasingly scarce resource.

This is one of the main reasons people start thinking about adding a well to their property. After all, with the right rock augers, they are surprisingly easy to create. If you’re considering it then you should be aware of the advantages of having a private well at home.

Good Supply Of Water

The most obvious benefit of having a well, aside from because it’s the only way you can get water, is that the supply is as good as endless. All you have to do is drill below the summer water table line and you should be able to access an unlimited supply of water whenever you need it.

Creating the well requires little more than drilling the hole and adding a powerful pump to bring the water to the surface.

If you get help from the professionals you can have a well-built in a day or two. 

You’re In Charge Of Cleanliness

When you have created a deep enough well the water should be clean and safe to drink. Of course, if you’re going to use it then you’ll want to test it regularly to ensure this is the case and to check the mineral content.

You can then filter the water or add what chemicals you like to make it safe to drink. The beauty of this approach is that you’re in charge of your own water quality and know exactly what is in your water.

If you have concerns over fluoride or chlorine you don’t have to add them to your water. 

Ability To Be Self-Sufficient

Having your own well means you don’t need to be connected to the grid. That gives you an advantage if there is a local or global disaster. It also means you don’t need to pay the water company any money as you’re not using their surfaces. That’s a real benefit.

Increased Value Of Property

Most people don’t think about the value of their house when creating a well. But, the truth is that people like houses that are energy-efficient and self-sufficient.

By adding a well you make your home more desirable, which means, that if you decide to sell it, there will be more interest and this drives the value upward.

It’s A One-Off Investment

The average home well will last 30-50 years. That’s an impressive lifespan and means that you’ll probably only have to pay for a well once in your lifetime. That makes it a great investment.

It should be noted that the pump is unlikely to last as long as the well. A good-quality pump will last approximately 10-15 years before it needs to be replaced. It’s advisable to keep this in mind.

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