The Absolute Best Fishing Tips for Beginners

Did you know the fastest fish in the sea can swim at speeds of almost 70mph? It’s called the sailfish, and it’s currently believed to be the fastest fish in the world.

We say ‘currently’ because there are some who disagree, and we haven’t discovered every species of fish in existence.

Another interesting thing about the sailfish is that with the proper licenses, you can catch some of them. However, they’re definitely a more advanced fish, and not something an amateur angler should try to catch.

We will offer the best fishing tips we know for the novice fisherman in this article.

1. Get a License

It’s important to have a license when it comes to fishing.  Every state is a bit different when it comes to licensing requirements.

Some states don’t require licenses for fishing in freshwater, but do require them for saltwater. Others don’t require a license for catch-and-release fishing.

The result of this has been multiple different types of fishing licenses, all depending on where you’re from, how long you intend to fish, and sometimes even your age.

You might want to save yourself the hassle by getting a lifetime license. These are significantly more expensive than other types of fishing licenses, but it’s worth it if you fish a lot.

Some states will even allow you to buy a lifetime sporting license, which clears you for both hunting and fishing, in case you’re more of an all-around outdoors person.

We recommend looking into the US Fish and Wildlife Service to look up the laws in your state.

2. Baits and Lures

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when fishing is what type of bait or lure you want to use. The most common type of freshwater bait, and among the most effective is a worm.

Ever since we started using worms for bait, people have wondered why fish crave them so much. Earthworms, as the name implies, don’t live in water.

Leeches, however, do and they look almost exactly like earthworms. In fact, the two are in the same family.

Leeches serve as a big food source for a lot of freshwater fish. A few fish have a reputation for biting on worms like there’s no tomorrow. 

One of them is the walleye. A big part of a walleye’s diet is leeches, so they’ll often go after a worm if they see one.

Blade bait is another of the best baits for walleye. Blade bait is built to look like a small fish, which walleye are also fond of eating.

The Best Fishing Tips and How They Can Help You

Starting out in the world of fishing can be overwhelming. The good news is that you don’t have to go in blind, because we’re more than happy to help.

We’ve offered some of the best fishing tips we know in this article. We can tell you about much more than just fishing, though. If you want to learn more about sports, finance, health, and other lifestyle topics, please visit our site.

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