The 6 Most Common Plumbing Problems

Plumbing is a very vast profession and that’s why you probably always hear about a new problem. First of all, clear your mind that Lex’s Plumbing is only related to the water pipes only because it can be the sewage pipes, or gas pipes as well. Now, probably you would have started imagining the issues you face in routine life. However, hiring a reliable professional for the job is still another important matter. A simple household is basically a network of pipelines that go from the outside towards the inside of your home and a few come out as well. A plumber has to ensure a good flow in each type of pipeline. The following are the top listed problems faced by people.

1.      Toilet Overflow

An overflowing toilet will get everyone worried because of the wastewater because once it is out it makes the ambiance very unpleasant. Usually, it is a result of clogging and since it is one of the most used structures at a home it is quite natural if you end up facing a situation such as this one. A commonly available plunger can solve the problem temporarily but to clear the line perfectly a plumber must be hired. It is highly recommended to hire the same plumbing company who has installed the pipelines at your home or at least someone who knows the lines should team up with the plumber.

2.      Clogged kitchen sink

Who wouldn’t have heard about the kitchen clogging?Probably everyone because it is the most common problem faced by people at home. The reason is quite simple and that is the unusual trashing in the drain while washing dishes. The dishes can have food and oils that can accumulate over time and finally choke the system and water starts bouncing back. Some people try some commercially available products as a quick resort but eventually, they have to hire a professional for the job. A plumber knows exactly how to open up the drain and clean it thoroughly. The more curves you have in the pipes more frequently it’ll be choked, especially during winters.

3.      Damaged pipes

Pipe burst is another common issue that has to be handled by professionals because a common household neither has the tools nor the skills to deal with an emergency pipe burst. A pipe can show symptoms before the burst. You might notice a few drops in the beginning and a lot of rust around that point. In some cases, something heavy just falls on the pipeline and damages it for good. So, don’t waste time dealing with the issue yourself and applying remedies. Call up a professional because the longer water flows out the bad it is for your water bills.

4.      Rust and leaks in fixtures

Rusty fixtures are another commonly faced issue at homes and whenever a plumber is hired for the job he’d come to fix one tap and would fix a few more. This means the poor state of fixtures isn’t that much seriously taken until the impact starts showing up the water bills. In some cases, the cost of a plumber is very less as compared to the water bills collectively. So, adopt the good habits and learn to act in time to save water and your money.

5.      Water heater issues

Every household has different water heater typesbecause it is mandatory to spend your winters peacefully. It might start showing problems with the passage of time. The most common issues are the lower water pressure, strange smell, and inefficient performance. All of these issues point toward a hiring a plumber. It is not a sort of appliance that you would want to take on yourself because it needs professional hands to deal with. So, call up the closest plumber or a plumber that helped you fitting your water heater to fix it.

6.      Underground leaks

Every profession is full of problems, but there are some problems that can be solved easily and then there are those which give a very tough time before you can solve them. The underground leaks are the second type of issue because it is extremely hard to first notice that there’s a problem.Because you can never see the leaks underground. When you start noticing the symptoms, like paint chipping or strange odor in the area it’s probably too late because the problem has taken its roots. So, just contact a plumber the right way to deal with it immediately because it can severely damage the stability of the whole structure.

Plumbing issues can be troublesome if you try to deal with them personally, and ignoring them just makes the problem serious. So, make sure when you notice an issue with the pipes or fixtures or you suspect an underground leak call immediately to the plumbing insurance. Because most of the structural issues start with excessive humidity and moisture.

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