The 5 Best Oxygen Concentrators Of 2022

For lung disease patients, especially those with chronic conditions, oxygen therapy is often the difference between living life and existing. Renowned for their ease of transportation and not requiring regular refills, oxygen concentrators are a popular choice for many. With so many devices on the market and as many different patient needs, how do you decide which is the right one? We’re taking a look at some of 2022’s best oxygen concentrators to set you on the right path.

Longest Battery Life

One of the appeals of an oxygen concentrator over oxygen tanks is its lightness and maneuverability. But unlike oxygen tanks, they require electricity to run, with batteries providing power while on the move. The Precision Medical Live Active Five Portable Oxygen Concentrator comes with a 6.5-hour standard battery life (dependant on settings).

For those who’re out and about with their oxygen concentrators often, the starter pack includes a car adaptor for charging while driving to extend run time. There’s also the option of purchasing additional batteries and a separate battery charger, allowing a spent battery to be switched for a fresh one on especially long days out.

Other features of the Live Active Five include:

Pulse flow air delivery

Includes carry bag with strap

Nasal cannula

5lb weight

Best For Travel

The Caire Freestyle Comfort combines a small size with a powerful output making this the ideal machine for traveling. FAA approval allows users to travel by air safely, while the included travel adaptor means you can use it while traveling by car. A carry bag with an anti-slip strap is included as standard, while the curves of the device work with the body’s natural contours for comfort.


Pulse flow air delivery

1050 Milliliters per minute output

5lb weight, or 6 lbs with the double battery option

39 decibels making it one of the quietest on the market


For those who need a quiet machine, you can’t go past the Inogen G5, which only produces 39 decibels of noise, despite its hefty output. Ideal for relaxing at home listening to music, visiting the cinema, or concentrating in the office as the machine’s sound will fade unobtrusively into the background.

A portable oxygen concentrator should increase lung patients’ social life rather than impede it. The Inogen G5 helps them achieve this goal with its quiet background noise and small, light design. Some handbags take up more space than this device in its carry bag.


Fast charging batteries

4.7lb weight

1260 milliliters per minute output

Pulse flow air delivery

FAA approved

Best Variable Air Flow

Most oxygen concentrators only have one of two output methods, continuous flow or pulse flow. Individuals whose oxygen therapy regime benefits from both output methods need to look no further than the Caire SeQual Eclipse 5. AutoSat technology adjusts the flow rate to provide a consistent oxygen level regardless of the user’s breathing rate.

Although this device is on the heavier side, shoulder straps are available so the user can carry it comfortably on their back. Coupled with its ability to be used while plugged in to recharge the batteries, even in the car using the car adaptor, the SeQual Eclipse 5 is a very versatile machine.


3000 milliliters per minute output

18.4lbs weight

Trolley with telescopic handle included as standard

48 decibels noise level

Battery life up to 5 hours depending on the setting

FAA approved, works up to an altitude of 13123 ft above sea level

Best Home Oxygen Concentrator

Portable oxygen concentrators are excellent for giving lung capacity compromised people the ability to lead active lives outside the home. However, they’re often smaller machines with limited battery life. A stationary machine is ideal for those times you are at home or in the office, staying relatively sedentary. Look no further than the Drive DeVilbiss 10 liter for an attractive and practical solution.

The DeVilbiss has been thoughtfully designed for home use with integrated handles on the top and side, as well as wheels underneath to make taking it from room to room easy. The cabinet is fireproof and insulated, making it safe in the house.


Easy-to-use display panel

Variable flow rate

Included auxiliary port for filling gas canisters that you can buy separately


As with all medical devices, it’s essential to speak with your doctor before purchasing an oxygen concentrator to ensure you choose one that meets your prescription requirements. Beyond that, which machine you choose will depend on lifestyle requirements, with a stationary device best for home and a portable concentrator for being active.

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