The 3 Steps To Make Your Affiliate Marketing Site An E-commerce Store

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money. Since it can be done in your spare time, it is a good side hustle that can bring in extra money while you work a regular job. There comes a time for every affiliate marketing site owner to decide how to proceed and make it a business. One way that it can be used to make a lot of money is to turn it into an e-commerce site instead.

When you do affiliate marketing, you are helping to sell other people’s products. Instead, you can sell your own products and not have to rely on ever changing commissions. You get to keep the money yourself. In this article, we will go over what it takes to make the switch.

1 – Have your fulfillment figured out

At some point you will have to figure out how to get your product manufactured, but a big part of making money is going to center on how to fulfill the product. The reason that it is important is because there are a few options and finding the right one will help you figure things out later on.

For instance, some people do FBA with Amazon in which they have a product manufactured and then sent to Amazon’s warehouses. They handle every aspect of the shipping and even returns so you never even have to handle the product at all. This is an easy way to go, but you are responsible for a lot of fees and have to rely on the Amazon algorithm.

Another option is to have your product sent to a third party fulfillment center that will also pick and pack your order. However, the fees are generally lower than doing FBA. you are responsible for driving traffic there and will need your own site.

The last option is to fulfill yourself. This is alright when you are not selling many units. However, if you’re making the switch froma affiliate then it generally means you are making a lot of sales. You would have ot set up your own fulfillment center complete with a zero pressure accumulation conveyor.

2 – Make a better product

When you are running an affiliate marketing blog, you have a lot of special insight into the products you deal with. Instead of trying to create a different product for sale, create a product that is better than anything you would be linking to.

Get some feedback about the products to see what improvements can be made on the already existing one. Then have the product manufactured with these extra features. This will give you a better product that will be easier to sell.

3 – Create a brand

When you have your own product, you are now a business. Your site is your store. This means that you need to have a recognized brand to increase sales from other sources.

Customer loyalty will come from knowing and trusting your brand. Create a recognizable logo and look to market the product in other areas. Find an influencer to promote your product as they generate a lot of trust and brand awareness.

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