Tackling COVID-19 Effects on Formal Education

As the battle with COVID-19 rages on nearly every aspect of life is affected by its spread but above all is the education sector of nearly every country of the world, the education institutes are in a dire position to either keep the schools closed in order to save lives of their students, faculty and their families or open the schools but risk the lives of everyone in the vicinity.

For now, the schools are closed and the social and economic lives of every associated with this sector is disrupted.

One alternative that the schools are adopting these days is the use of different distance teaching methods, this method uses the internet to deliver the content to the students in these trying times, the world is adjusting to this distance learning method slowly and steadily and tutors along with students are using a different application to help them adjust to this mode of education.

The major challenge that the students face is the lack of textbook material available over the internet, whereas most of the faculty is not familiar with this e-learning method, they are learning alongside students on what are the dos and don’ts of this methods.

Teachers need an easy to use software that provides them with the ability to convert their notes and reading material into shareable material which they can use to teach their students all while not having formal training to use the software in question.

One such tool that can be utilized for this mode of teaching is FlipHTML5, it is a software that gives its users the ability to transform the content of your choice into an easy to read online flipbook which is the best alternative for hard copy books these days, FlipHTML5 is compatible with your phones, laptops, pc, and tablets and can easily convert PDF into and HTML based flipbook.

Tutors can also use this to create media enriched content for their students by having animations, audios and videos alongside texts which boost the students interest in the content they are reading and also increases productivity as well, the FlipHTML5 can be used to create such flipbooks in a matter of minutes.

The flipbooks that are created are also responsive in nature meaning the teachers can develop quizzes and assignments in the flipbook which the students can then fill out there and then and upload it to the cloud for marking as cloud storage is also supported.

The published e-books can be embedded into WordPress as well.

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