Survive at all costs: Escape from Tarkov guide for beginners

Now there are many different video games, both online and offline, that offer not only an interesting storyline but also exciting gameplay. However, the difficulty lies in the fact that beginners, before starting to play, need to read a lot of gaming forums, as well as useful articles, to understand what to do.

This also applies to the multiplayer shooter called Escape from Tarkov, which has become especially popular among players around the world. We want to cover the most important things for beginners to make it easier for you to navigate when you start playing.

Beginning of the game

The first thing you need to do is choose one of the two private military companies that your character will play for. You can choose to join an American military company called USEC, or you can choose to join a Russian military company called BEAR.

You may not see much difference between the two military factions. American fighters will always speak English and Russian fighters in Russian. It does not matter at all which language you choose. 

In addition, you will be able to notice differences in equipment. The American fighters will have western weapons and ammunition, while the Russians will have weapons such as Kalashnikovs and other Russian ammunition. Both factions will have excellent missions, but this is not so important.

After choosing a private military company, you will spend a lot of time learning how to play. For the first time, you should forget about playing online, as you should learn how to play with bots offline. This will help you understand how the battles take place, as well as explore the different locations.

If you have friends who already play Escape from Tarkov, then you can ask them for help to help you navigate the game faster and better. However, you still have to spend a lot of time understanding everything. It may make you angry, but there is nothing you can do about it. You can get experience, as well as find out where various items and locations are, where you should go and where not. You will also learn where your enemies may be.

Visiting each location, your task will be to find an escape. In most cases, these locations are the opposite of where your character will spawn. However, you can visit various forums, as well as consult with other players to quickly find an evacuation point.

AI-controlled bots 

If you want to understand the game faster, then you should play for bots, which are usually controlled by artificial intelligence. However, each player can play as a Scav once every twenty minutes.

While you play as one of the Scavs, your task is to find valuable items and get out of the location before your time runs out. It is also important that you kill private military company fighters.

Among the Scavs, you can meet both ordinary bots and real players. Usually, there will be up to 4 real players at your location. If you kill your own, then you will face the fact that your reputation will begin to deteriorate. This threatens that after this, the reload time of the weapon will increase, you will see that the prices of goods in stores will be high for you, and other bots will be negative towards you. Other than that, your equipment will be bad. Playing as a bot, you will already get equipment of not the highest quality.

If your reputation is lowered, then you have a chance to increase it. Here’s what you can do:

  • Kill other bots that kill their own;
  • Kill members of private military companies that kill Scavs.

When your reputation improves, you will see that the prices in stores for goods will decrease for you, other bots will obey your commands, and bosses will help you. Having the highest rating, you will be able to redeem weapons that other players will lose during battles.

Pros and cons of playing as a Scav

By playing as a bot, you can gain valuable experience for you. The most important thing is that you can quickly learn everything you need to play online. If you get killed, then in twenty minutes you can start over. When you stop playing as the Scav, you can take everything that you manage to find during your fights for your fighter.

You risk nothing, but you gain experience. In online mode, everything will be much fiercer and more difficult, but there is also a way out of this situation. You can use Tarkov boosting and you can quickly level up your fighter, and get valuable weapons, and other bonuses.

The downsides are that each bot has low-quality equipment. You won’t have armor. You can get rusty weapons and ammo. Other than that, you won’t have any medicines to restore your health. Also, you will be able to run into other bots played by real users that can kill you.

In general, this is the best option for understanding the game. Most players are busy finding valuable items and weapons that they can pick up for their main character, so you may not see wild fights. Try to study the map during this time, so that later you can find exits faster.

Loot search

After completing the tutorial, you can start going on real raids. At this point, you will already have good weapons, armor, and medical supplies, as well as a backpack where you can store the necessary things. In addition, you will know where the exits from various locations are.

Going on raids, you should search for valuable loot, as well as complete tasks. You can take all the items you find. If you do not need something, then you can then sell it, or exchange it for what you need later.

Finding items that have the “Found in Raid” status will make you realize that they are very valuable. You can sell these things at a higher price. However, to start selling things at the flea market, you need your character to be level 20.


Escape from Tarkov will appeal to players who love first-person shooters. However, before you start going into real raids, you will need a lot of time to learn everything you need. Having gained experience, you can safely play online, fight your opponents, and collect valuable loot.

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