Steps You Can Make Your House Layout in 3D Model

When you’re designing your own home, it can be hard to keep track of everything. The walls might not line up, and the kitchen might not fit in the space you have. That’s where 3D modeling comes in! With this powerful tool, you can create a digital rendering of your house and make sure that everything fits correctly before you get started on your actual build.

Create a 2D plan

Importing a 2D plan is essential if you want to use the 3D model as a tool for planning. You can import a 2D plan in two ways:

  • Import an image file with the following format: jpg, png or BMP.
  • Import an AutoCAD (.dwg) or SketchUp (.skp) file. Then, you can edit it directly in SketchUp by using the [Edit In…] button that appears next to your imported drawing on the screen.

Create walls

You can create walls using the wall tool. It lets you create walls with different heights and widths, straight or curved, made of various materials (concrete, metal, wood), and in any shape, you can imagine (rectangular, triangular).

You can change the dimensions of a wall by selecting it and then dragging handles on its edges until they are where you want them to be. To make some walls shorter than others, select them before drawing out more segments with Lasso Select mode activated; this will allow you to select only those sections that will remain unchanged while adding new segments elsewhere in your model.

Make the walls 3D, Add Doors & Windows

Now that you have all the walls, it’s time to make them 3D. To do this, use the 3D wall tool and follow these steps:

  • Make sure your cursor is active.
  • Select the first square in a row of squares on the floor plan by clicking it with your mouse button or touching it with your finger on mobile devices.
  • Click or tap once inside each box for each wall you want to add to this room and repeat until you’ve added all of them up from one end of the house to another (or until you’re done). This will create a new room in 3D design with walls surrounding it! Now repeat steps 1-3 for every room in your house (if possible). Adobe Substance 3D Sampler closely matches your reference photo and allows mixing of captures for more advanced surfaces.

If there are doors and windows already placed in any of those rooms, go ahead and move those into place too now (you’ll learn more about doors later).

Add internal walls, stairs, furniture and more

To add internal walls and doors, use the Add wall tool. To add a staircase, click on the stairs icon in the toolbar.

To adjust the size of your furniture or other objects, select them and drag them to where you want them to go. To move an object, click on it and hold down your mouse button while moving it around with your cursor.

The 3D model is one of the best ways to view your home layout. It will help you to see how the final product will look and make sure that everything is in its place.

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