Stand-up Paddleboard That Works For All Types of Fitness

When it comes to body fitness, everyone wants an enjoyable exercise. In addition, you need one that works on the entire body and helps you lose any excess fat. Luckily, stand-up paddleboarding is a full-body workout, fun, and full of adventure. 

SUP is a remarkable workout for adults and young people. It is an activity that allows you to reach your fitness goals freshly and entertainingly. Moreover, you connect with nature and enjoy exercising outdoors. 

Stand-up paddleboarding is a watersport that comes with numerous health benefits. It helps you burn a lot of calories, helps to reduce stress, is a great cardio workout, is a low-impact exercise, boosts vitamin D levels, and works out your entire body. 

Generally, very few sports can match stand-up paddleboarding health benefits or fun associated with the activity. In addition, paddleboarding is a safe watersport where kids and pets can be involved.

However, based on the type of workout you are planning to do, you need to choose a stand-up paddleboard that works for your fitness. There are paddle boards designed for SUP Yoga, Stand-up paddleboards for strength training, High-intensity workouts paddleboards, and many others. 

Below are stand-up paddleboards that work for various types of fitness.

Yoga Stand-up Paddleboards

It is possible to connect with nature as you practice various yoga poses. SUP Yoga has become a popular workout for most Yoga lovers. If you want to add a new test, this is one of the best workouts to consider.

There are various amazing yoga poses you can try on a paddleboard. By practicing on a board, you enhance your routine, gain experience, and engage your core. 

Happily, there are several stand-up paddleboards designed for SUP yoga. Even though you can practice yoga on hard SUPs and inflatable SUPs, experts recommend inflatable boards for paddleboarding yoga. 

Inflatable paddleboards are more stable and sit higher above the water. Besides, they offer more space than the normal boards and are portable. This means it is possible to move with them with ease. 

Several selections of paddleboards offer maximum comfort during your yoga sessions. Some of the boards to consider are Malta Ray Multi-person inflatable stand-up paddleboard, Komodo inflatable stand-up paddleboard, and Meno Inflatable stand-up paddleboard among many others. 

Strength Training Stand-up Paddle Boards

If you do not like the idea of visiting the gym to lift weights, then you can consider stand-up paddleboarding. SUP is a great workout for someone looking for strength training. 

Happily, it is a low-impact workout that works on your entire body. It is an activity that targets the core and the upper body. Moreover, it is not as challenging as working out in the gym. However, expects some hurdles when starting. 

For strength training, you can consider the all-around stand-up paddleboards. However, there are some designed for strength training. 

Some of the paddleboards you can consider include Adventure Inflatable Stand-up Paddleboard, Meno Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board, and many others. 

High-Intensity Workout Stand-up Paddle Boards

Stand-up paddleboarding racing is an amazing high-intensity exercise that helps in burning calories very fast. It allows the paddler to paddle for long distances to build strength and muscles. 

Therefore, if you want to get into shape or challenge yourself, high-intensity paddleboarding workouts are some of the best you can consider. For instance, SUP racing is a good activity for someone who wants a high-intensity workout.  

There are several boards designed for SUP racing. They are light, durable, and mainly for advanced paddlers. Unlike other paddle boards, high-intensity paddle boards have a pointed nose to ensure you can go in speed. 

Among the paddleboards, you can consider are Komodo Inflatable stand-up paddleboards, Adventure Inflatable paddleboards, and many others.

Recreationally Stand-up paddleboards

If you are not a fitness fanatic, you can enjoy the health benefits of stand-up paddleboarding. Whether you want to enjoy paddling while fishing, with your dog, or touring various lakes, there are many paddleboards to consider. 

If you want to paddle with your dog, some of the great paddle boards you can get include Komodo Inflatable stand-up paddleboard, Adventure Inflatable stand-up paddleboard, and Manta Multi-person Inflatable stand-up paddleboard. 

Best fishing paddle boards to consider include Meno Inflatable stand-up paddleboard and Manta Multi-person Inflatable stand-up paddleboard. 

Final Word

Stand-up paddleboarding is a great workout for people of all ages. Therefore, whichever stand-up paddleboard you choose, you are guaranteed to gain the health benefits of paddling

In addition, make sure you have all the paddling accessories needed such as a personal flotation device, paddleboards bungees, SUP leash, spare fins, dry bag, waterproof phone case, cooler bag, and others. 

And just like any other workout, do not forget to carry enough water and snacks. You do not want to be dehydrated when paddling. Even though it is hard to notice whether you are sweating or not, make sure you stay hydrated by drinking enough water. 

Also, experts recommend starters and experienced paddlers to perform pre and post-paddling stretches. These are the normal stretches you would do in a gym workout. The warm-ups and stretches will prepare your body for the tough workout ahead. 


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