Split level homes on the vogue line?

Building a house is still a dream for most people. But not many will have a split level plan on their house bucket list. But isn’t it amazing to know that the style is currently trending after years? Three years back, split level houses are what nearly every client needed. And interestingly, it’s still in vogue. Though an ancient style, it offers the best plan that can suit any lifestyle. And professional builders are making it even better by adding a modern touch to it. Living in such structures can give a whole different experience that most people will love! 

A split level home offers a more prominent distinction within each storey. It perfectly coordinates a garage, the first and second storey with well-designed stairs. With times like these, where everyone survives stuck at homes, one can easily convert a segment of their homes into a workplace that is separate from the other floors. Need some money? Just rent a level to someone without compromising privacy! Though split level homes have definite structures, the level spacing and everything else is customisable with experienced builders just delivering what the client needs. 

Pros of getting a split level design for homes

Here is a list of benefits of split level houses that nobody honestly knows!

1.Isn’t affordability a benefit?

It surely is. And split level structures are an economical choice to make. For people looking for budget homes, distinct levels can help save some cents for something better, maybe a creative interior or luxury furniture? Since the design puts up the building vertically, one can buy even smaller and affordable lands to build the home they desire! Thus, spending higher sums of money on grounds is no longer necessary. Eventually, one saves money again. Spacious house on a limited land check!  

2.Some extra space!

Not some, but split level homes offer better spaciousness in and out. Undeniably, vertically built houses may seem congested. But that’s not true, and split level structures make use of space better than any other design. For instance, the stairs are often limited and usually eight to ten on a staircase. Thereby, one gets an extra space for a larger living room or to make a master bedroom. Also, most split level homes have only internal stairs connecting the first level to the basement and second. It reduces the instance of an external staircase that might spoil the appealing look of a well-designed home. Also, climbing stairs every day does some good!

Not just that! As a bonus, some saved up external space! Split level homes built vertically can offer some outside space. It eventually saves some outdoor space that a family needs during the weekends. How about a modern garden with lovely crotons or a treehouse?

3.Privacy not compromised

For a multi-generation family living together, a split level home is the right choice to make. Since the structure can also separate the spaces effectively, there is always room for privacy. Even smaller families can reside with ample privacy in a split level home. Also, it makes any event at home easy. Be it calling in friends for a sleepover or hosting a party, split level homes are the best place for everything one needs! Neither will privacy be at stake, nor will others have any disturbances! 

Another added advantage is that split level homes can perfectly fit on steep or sloped land. While most other structures will require levelling, split level homes are simply perfect for a house by the hills! So, what’s better than a house that goes well with any land type and offers so many benefits?

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