Some risks and security concerns of the bitcoin network

After the invention of bitcoin, a plethora of cryptocurrencies have been invented, but bitcoin remains at the top and is known as the best cryptocurrency to date. It is widely used for investment and trading purposes, and businesses and companies have started accepting bitcoin payments. Just like all other cryptocurrencies, bitcoin’s market is highly volatile, and its price drops and increases dramatically at times. There are many challenges that bitcoin users face, but the major one is price volatility. Despite being such a volatile currency, it has now become a global currency. Bitcoin is a network that is aiming to bring decentralization, and to learn more about it, visit

Bitcoin network was the first cryptocurrency, and it has changed the way of making payments. The financial market trends have changed after the invention of bitcoin, but there are still some serious risks and security concerns related to the bitcoin network that users must know. Some major security concerns include double-spending, wallets’ safety, attacks on private keys and bitcoin exchanges, fear of miners, and growing vulnerability of the bitcoin network. These are some major concerns that are destructive for the bitcoin network and need to be overcome by developers.

If you are a beginner and want to know about all the security concerns and risks involved in the bitcoin market, you are at the right place. Let’s discuss some concerns in brief, which are as follows:

Cyber attacks and hackers

There are many reports registered about cyberattacks that happed in bitcoin exchanges. After the invention of bitcoin, many significant attacks happened on exchanges, and after attacks, bitcoin slumped. Cyber attacks are one of the main factors that affect the value of bitcoin. One of the major attacks on the bitcoin exchange happened at Mt. Gox when hackers attacked nearly 850,000 bitcoins.

It was next to impossible for Mt. Gox to recover the bitcoin and when it filed for bankruptcy. DDoS attacks also threatened Bitcoin. Not only Mt. Gox but many other attacks took place on bitcoin exchanges.

Vulnerable wallets

Bitcoin wallets are vulnerable to theft and hacking attacks, which is one of the major security concerns. There are various types of bitcoin wallets, but there are always weak spots in all the wallets, and hackers attack them. Hardware wallets are considered the best wallets that are secure, but these wallets are still vulnerable despite being heavily encrypted.

The hackers use malware through which they are able to interrupt communication between PCs and wallets. They try to breach the security, which affects the bitcoin network because users cannot build trust and avoid investing in bitcoin.


Double-spending is a real concern of digital currency users. Double-spending is not an issue in fiat currencies because there is no risk in transacting money. In the bitcoin network, double-spends are increasing, and there are many attacks that benefit users as they send the same coin twice. Once you make a transaction, you can never reverse it in digital currencies. There have been many times that because of the issue of double-spending, the transaction becomes invalid.

Selfish mining

Bitcoins are not created and are mined by miners by using specialized computers. Bitcoin uses the mechanism of proof of work, and this also has a threat. Miners need to use mining pools, and some of the pools have become powerful enough to control the ratio of mining, and due to this, many miners have engaged in selfish mining. This is known as block withholding, and the selfish pool miners often hide the blocks from honest miners.

The selfish miners often try to mine the blocks instead of broadcasting them on the bitcoin network. The main motive of miners is to win the rewards by solving the extra blocks, which has reduced the work for honest miners. The selfish miners tend to use their power to carry out invalidate transactions on the bitcoin network.

Before you enter the bitcoin world, you must gain knowledge about some major security concerns that are there in the bitcoin network. It is impossible to change or overcome these risks, and therefore you must take proper care while investing and carrying out transactions.

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