Sofia Bella Pagan personal life, career, awards and Net worth

Sofia Bella Pagan is a daughter of celebrities named Angelo Pagan and Leah Remini. In Greek Literature, Sofia signifies Wisdom. The middle name of Sofia is Bella, and it itself has its different meaning, which means beautiful in different languages like Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Latin, and Greek. Her parents have given her a unique yet cute name.

Early Life

Sofia Pagan took birth in 2004 on 16th June, and she decided to follow the path of her father and is working towards being an actress. Sofia is the sister of three step-brothers named Angelo Pagan Jr., Alex Pagan, and Nicholas Pagan. She is the youngest of all, and therefore she shares a special bond with her parents and brothers as well.

She is currently living with her parents and is still considered a minor. She has three brothers and is the only daughter in her entire family. Her parents take great care of her. Sofia Pagan is currently living in Los Angeles with her parents. The family is living in their own house, which is $3.75 million. Their house is 9,326 square feet of land and has five bedrooms and around five bathrooms. Mother of Sofia, Leah Remini is an Award-winning actress and has played a role in a popular sitcom named The King of Queens. She gained popularity because of her role in a sitcom.

Career Beginnings

The details about the education of Sofia and her profession are still unknown. It is quite obvious that she must have gained education from good schools and universities. She has learned quite a few things from her mother as she works in Glory Daze, Old School, and Second Act.

Personal Life

In 2013, Sofia’s parents left the Church of Scientology. In 2015, Sofia’s mother shared a few pictures of her getting baptized in the Catholic Church. Sofia got baptized at a very young age. Her mother posted on Instagram pictures of her daughter getting baptized and said it is a very special day. She added some hashtags #newbeginnings #catholic and #baptism.

Sofia’s parents are both devoted to god and also devoted family members. They also launched a family show entitled Leah Remini,” It’s All Relative. This show featured Sofia and mother of Leah. There are two seasons of their family show. She is only active on Instagram as she communicates with her friends on Instagram. But she kept her profile private and wasn’t comfortable adding unknown people, and hasn’t shared glam with the outside world. Sofia has only 681 friends on her Instagram.

Net Worth

Sofia is still a minor, but she comes from a wealthy family, and her father has accumulated a net worth of approximately $5 million. Her father is an actor-producer and has a net worth of $5 million, while her mother has an estimated net worth of $20 million. Her mother earns her net worth by making appearances in movies, and also she is an author, model, and actress. The combined net worth of Sofia’s parents is around $25 million.

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