Smart Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Gown Fitting

New York City is one of the dream destinations of most tourists. The City That Never Sleeps is prominent for its tourist spots like the Manhattan Chinatown, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building. It is also a favorite location for the entertainment industry of the country. Movies like “Serendipity” and “Autumn in New York” attracted people from different parts of the globe to visit the city.

Fashion is another discussed feature of the city since there are plenty of designers who settled and opened their ateliers in the city. As a result, many brides from different parts of the US and the world go to New York City to look for their perfect gowns. But before they get their ideal wedding dresses in NYC, brides must book an appointment with their chosen wedding gown shop. To maximize their trip to the atelier, they need to follow these essential tips.  

Tip #1: Bring Your Ideal Wedding Shoes 

During your first fitting, you need to bring several pairs of shoes with varying heels. You must wear these shoes while trying out different wedding dresses in NYC to determine your bridal gown’s ideal floor-length. 

If you want to wear tall heels, you must ask for a dress with a longer length. But if you are more comfortable in flats, you can get a dress with a shorter length.  

Tip #2: Bring Appropriate Undergarments

To have the best fit for your wedding dress, you need to come with the right undergarments that suit the style that you are considering for your big day. If you intend to wear a strapless gown, you should bring a bra with detachable straps to take off the unsightly bra straps for proper fitting. You can easily reattach it if you fit a dress with a different neckline. 

It is also important to wear the simplest, plainest pair of underwear without any wild colors during your fitting schedule. It will help you avoid any peeking panty lines while trying on a pristine white lace bridal gown. 

Tip #3: Learn When To Speak Up

Some bride-to-bed tend to get shy when fitting a prospective wedding gown. They would keep quiet and agree with everything that their seamstress or bridal boutique assistants would say. 

But since they are the ones who will wear the gown on their special day, it is best to tell the designer when something feels uncomfortable during the fitting session. It will allow the seamstress to make some adjustments before the wedding date. 

Tip #4: Try Out Your Dance Moves 

Whether you or your fiancé plans to dance during your wedding, it is essential to bust some moves during your fitting schedule to know if you can move freely wearing the dress. 

Since you will have to wear the dress all day, it is crucial to make sure that you are very comfortable in it even if you have to move around. 

Aside from these tips, it is also necessary to look for different bridal gown styles during your fitting appointment. It will let you determine which particular style will complement your body. As much as possible, try out all cuts to check how you will look at it. You must also ask some of your trusted people to come with you during your fitting schedule to provide their feedback on the spot. After all, your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. So make sure that you will look perfect on your important day. 

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