Smart Exterior Home Remodeling Ideas to add Value to Your Property

The way how your home exteriors look can contribute mainly to its valuation. When it comes to buying a home, people bother about the exterior looks too as important as they consider the interior features. So, the way the exterior of your house looks dictates a major part of its overall value. To have a good resale value, the exterior of your home should be of modern or classic architectural style, have a good look and feel from the street, and also should protect your home from moist, rain, and other external elements. For the best of your interest, it should also be made more durable and sustainable.

However, when it comes to planning or remodeling the exterior of your old-fashioned house, people don’t have a clear idea as to how it can be done at best. Many house remodeling contractors take care of external remodel works too. But, not all of them are reliable and professional. There is no point in simply spending a lot of money and ultimately not able to achieve the real charm which you wanted to add to your house. So, it is essential to identify the best remodeling contractor to take up your project and ensure the best finish to your home exterior.

To do it this way, you need first to have a basic understanding of the most trending remodeling ideas to be tried out for your home. Further, in this article, we will discuss some such modern home exterior renovation ideas, which will help you get the best results. From slanting to giving it a unique accent, make use of these ideas to let your home look at best.

#1. Installation of fiber cement siding

One of the best way people use to enhance the appearance of their home is to replace the existing old-fashioned siding with good-looking fiber cement. As we can see, fiber cement is much versatile and available in any imaginable color and style. Moreover, it is highly durable and also demands only low maintenance. Making the structure more sturdy, fiber cement may not crack or peel as vinyl or wood do. It is also not susceptible to insect or moist activities, so there is no need to worry about maintenance for long.

#2. Adding an additional accent

Many of the homeowners install the horizontal lap siding over the entire exterior during construction. However, this is not the only style of siding to put. You can think of panels, shingles, decorative trim, corrugated metal, or board-and-batten type sidings too, based on its suitability to your house’s overall structure. It is also possible to choose more than one style at different portions as top stories, towers, eaves, or add-on structures like barns or garages. This will give the much-needed style boost to your property.

#3. Use a fresh warm coat of paint

If you don’t have a considerable budget for remodeling of the sidings or changing the style of roofing, don’t underestimate the power of applying a fresh coat of paint. With an intelligent paint application, you can bring in a much-admired charm to your exteriors.

Even when the already applied paint isn’t peeling off, it can start looking dull and dingy over time. So, updating the color to brighter or lighter based on the surroundings or applying a contemporary classic coat of paint will enhance the overall style. However, always get expert advice from a general contractor EJDif you are not sure of it in terms of choosing and mixing the colors to go well with the architectural style of your house. Say, for example, slightly darkpaint color can look the best on Victorians whereas using a more saturated color palette may look on a Tudor.

#4. Use pops matching to accent color

One major trend in exterior home remodeling now is to apply bolder color accents. This can be applied to the shutters, trim, front door, or the woodwork on the exteriors. You may have to look for the exact colors which ideally complement to the rest of the outer portions. These needed to be made an eye catchy like turquoise, bold red, or royal blue, which can instantly grab attention. The assistance of a good home exterior contractor will help you choose it at best. Make sure that you use such colors in smaller amounts in order not to be overwhelmed with the rest of the home exterior palette.

#5. Upgrade the roof

No doubt that a house’s roof plays a vital role in the overall look of it. It also severs some functional purposes. If you find your roof looking older and tampers the overall look of the exteriors, you may consider replacing it with some architectural shingles or so. Good-looking shingles are now available in various dimensions to give a better look and feel than old asphalt shingles.

Moreover, these also server functional purposes as these roofing shingles may help reflect the UV rays by keeping your home cooler during summer. Another best idea to give a facelift to your roofing is the use of the standing metal roof if your house has a contemporary architecture. You may look for metal roofing in cool colors to match the latest trends. For older homes, you can consider tile roofing options too. The modern-age roofing tiles are made of concrete, which is much durable and stylish than clay tiles.

#6. Consider adding a porch

To further increase the valuation of your home and also add more function to it, on the other hand, you may consider constructing a front porch. Porches are now listed as most essential for a house, which will not only provide a welcoming look but can also double up as a living space when in need. You can plan for porches of any size as big or small, but always ensure that there is enough space to including some seating and necessary functional options like a fan, fire pit, storage space, etc.

#7. Rework your windows

You can consider the exterior windows as the eyes of your home. If your windows are old-styled and too small at the front portion, then it may give a dull look to the exteriors. You may give your windows a good facelift to add more value to your house exteriors. Consider enlarging your windows or add picture windows. With the help of a right contractor, you can easily change the shape and size of the windows and add more dimensions to your house exteriors.

In fact, there are a few random inputs, but if you approach a good exterior reconstruction contractor, they can give you many personalized ideas based on their assessment of your existing property.

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