School is the best time of one’s life – majorly because of the friendships and life lessons we experienced back then that made us happy and motivated. We never needed bunking schools because we enjoyed it so much. What made the school days so fun and exciting? Our teachers, friends, and different activities we would do in school.

The different extra-curricular activities that students are made to do in their schools shape their personality and give them an opportunity to unleash their creativity and show their talent, which is why it is essential for the school management and teachers to design the school academic calendars and activities in a way that it brings out the best in students.

Here are a few ideas to do that:

·       Fests and Carnivals: Fests are one of the best ways to excite your students who otherwise lead a boring life by being in the classroom and studying for long hours. They also foster creativity in kids as fests are the perfect platform to showcase their talent in various activities like poetry, games, drawing, singing, dancing, etc. Showing their skills in front of a crowd also increases their confidence levels. These fests also strengthen students’ bonds and make them realize the importance of teamwork as they all work together to organize various activities in the fest.

·       Competitions: Schools can also consider organizing regular inter and intra-school competitions for the students so that there’s something else students look forward to apart from studying. These competitions can be arranged after school hours, so they don’t impact school course outlines and deadlines. Some after-school program ideas for teachers are science quizzes, fancy dress competitions, creative writing contests, etc.

·       Plantation drives: As teachers, it is imperative for you to teach your students about the importance of plants and how they reduce global warming. Schools should conduct regular plantation drives for students every month so that they get a chance to be in nature and understand the importance of conserving the environment.

·       Morning assemblies: Morning assemblies are a fundamental part of school life. They do not only teach students the importance of discipline in life but also foster community spirit. However, instead of having conventional assemblies every day, schools can think of making the morning assemblies enjoyable by incorporating some fun activities, for example, Musical Mondays or Fun Fridays. This will remove the element of monotony from the assemblies, and students will start looking forward to attending them.

·       Picnics: Kids are generally curious and love exploring the unexplored and unseen. Picnics are one of the most effective ways to allow your students to be in nature and allow them to learn and play beyond the four walls of their classroom. You can organize picnics for your school students, which will give them a break from their books and allow them to enjoy and have fun with their friends. These picnics can be made more delightful for the students by arranging fun activities like tug of war, cricket, football, etc.

·       Sports Day: Sports days are very important for school students as they teach them the importance of staying physically fit. Furthermore, students also get a chance to develop the feeling of sportsmanship, teamwork, and camaraderie through the events organized on a sports day. They also increase the self-esteem of students. In various activities on a sports day, there are times when students are also playing the role of a leader and have to make decisions for the entire team. This will boost their leadership qualities. Lastly, a student is emotionally fit only when they are physically fit. Playing sports can help students stay cheerful and create happiness all around.

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