Single Parent? Secrets to Having a Successful House Move

Whether shifting local or interstate, moving to a new location is stressful and if you are a single mom or dad to a couple of kids, there is no way you can do it easily. 

With a positive attitude and right mindset, you can make the whole moving process a breeze and can easily take care of your kids.

Not to mention, hiring a professional moving company will make things a lot easier and will save a lot of time. Visit  and ask for a moving quote.

Still, a single parent has a lot to consider and prepare for.

Herein, we are sharing some tips to make your house move manageable and simpler for you and your kids:

1.   Plan ahead of time

The saying,” Planning is key to success” fits well here.

Moving may involve some unexpected events.  From delayed packing to cancelled move, anything can happen.

So, in advance, planning will help you to organise and manage relocation properly and will allow you to successfully complete everything on time.

You can start by preparing a checklist for things to do before and on the moving day like booking reliable movers, buying packing supplies, finding a new school for your kids—anything and everything you need to stay on top of moving.

2.   Seek the help from friends & family

Any house move requires a lot of attention and effort, but having kids to look after, without the support of a spouse, it can be harder.

So, it’s advisable to reach out to your relatives and friends for help.

Whether looking after your kids, packing belongings, supervising movers, cleaning your house or loading containers onto the truck, friends and family members can make your relocation smoother.

Obviously, they can’t move your whole house but can definitely babysit or can make food arrangements for you and your kids.

After all, what are friends for?

3.   Involve your kids

Moving can be boring for your kids. How about engaging them in some activities?

Some of the ideas to engage your kids are:

  • Ask them to pack their stuff
  • Let them clean their room
  • Ask them to decorate moving boxes
  • Instruct them to label the moving boxes

Pro tip: Make sure not to assign any dangerous tasks to your kids.

4.   Pack essentials separately

Separately pack all the essential items like toys, gadgets, first-aid kit, clothes, toiletries, charger and anything that you and your kids will need on a moving and for a couple of days in your new home,

This will ensure that you have necessary stuff on hand without tearing boxes and creating a mess in the new home.

5.   Get rid of unwanted items

Purging unnecessary, torn, unwanted and overgrown stuff is the perfect way to declutter your home.

Some of the ways to purge your items are:

  • Donate anything like clothes, books, toys and other stuff that are in good condition
  • Host a garage sale for the community
  • Give items that you no longer need and are in top shape to your friends or to someone who needs them


In the end…

Moving is a daunting task, even for those who don’t have kids or are not married.

Image how challenging it can be for a single mother or father!

Hopefully, this moving guide will help single parents to have a stress-free and safe move.

Do you have more moving tips for single parents? Do comment below!

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