Significance Of Different Colours Of Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are one of the most adorable toys among kids. Children often give distinct names to their teddy bears and build a whole persona for them in their minds. Teddy for the newborn is the best gift and is often their first gift. Teddies are also an extraordinary gift to give to your loved ones. Who doesn’t enjoy mushy eyes and soft cuddly toys as gifts? Just like flowers, different colors of teddies represent other emotions and sentiments through the language of hues.

At the commencement of Valentine’s week, we witness a variety of teddy bears in the market stocking up in lots of sizes and colors. To clear the clouds of confusion hovering over your minds on what color teddy bears to give, knowing the significance of the color is extremely crucial.

Here is a list that provides a better understanding of the language of colorful and cheerful teddies:

  1. Brown Teddy Bear

The color brown indicates protection, stability, responsibility, and support. Although there are many colors available in the market, this is the most preferred color for gifting a teddy for the newborn. This is also the most sold color as it represents the history of teddy bears.

  • Purple Teddy Bear

This is my favorite as the color indicates strength, nobility, and luxury. This vibrant color also suggests love and affection and creates a romantic atmosphere. Although a purple teddy may also indicate a lack of interest in a person, it is often given to a person to tell them you are no longer interested and they should move on.

  • Blue Teddy Bear

This color signifies depth, loyalty, truth, intelligence, trust, confidence, and stability. This royal shade is all about the truth and trust in a relationship for lovers. It means that your love is royal and deep. Gifting or receiving this royal-colored teddy implies a person is just crazy for the other person, and it is very fortunate to have those people in life.

  • Yellow Teddy Bear

This color signifies happiness, energy, joy, and sunshine but gifting this teddy bear can often be misinterpreted as it denotes a negative connotation of your feelings. Gifting this teddy means you want to break up and are no longer interested in continuing the relationship.

  • Green Teddy Bear

This color indicates freshness, harmony, growth, and natural beauty. A green teddy bear stands for the harmony and growth you seek with the person. It indicates that you are waiting for them to be in the sink with you.

  • Orange Teddy Bear

This color indicates happiness, energy, passion, and a feeling of happiness. An orange teddy bear emits positive vibes and warmth and is a clear indication of the upcoming proposal.

  • Red Teddy Bear

The color red is a pure indication of love, passion, and romance. A red teddy is a perfect gift option to exchange between lovers. It is associated with the energy, power, and determination you have in the relationship.

  • White Teddy Bear

This color indicates purity, goodness, innocence, and harmony; it is a perfect color for buying a teddy for the newborn or for family and friends. A white teddy bear also is ideal for people looking for a fresh start.


Teddy Bears are one of the best gifts. You can use this information to choose the right color and make it extra special.

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