Scatters in Slots and its Function

If you’re new to slots you will be wondering what are the rewards and perks of modern slots. In other words, you might want to find out what’s in it for you and are slots worth playing.

One of the best things going is the scatter symbol in slots, which many players see as their best chance to win big. Many slots developers choose to include the scatter in their games for it attracts a large consortium of players like free spins is a form bonus.

The scatter serves a very important function in slots, which we clarify in more detail in this article. 

Scatter – the ticket to bonus rounds 

What puts modern slots ahead of the classic fruit machines back in the day is the existence of bonus rounds within the modern slots. A bonus round will often be the most profitable part of the game: you could expect to receive a set amount of free spins; you could have a go at the prize wheel; have a chance to win the jackpot; watch the wins pile up with wilds (a wild substitutes for any symbol, helping you to link up combos) or a prize multiplier, or a combination of a few features at once. 

A scatter is a symbol in the game that will stand out from the others in its appearance. It is different from the regular winning symbols – the scatter doubles as the “key” to the bonus round. In most slots, scatters do not need to be in a payline to be activated. It stands as a rule that the bonus round is unlocked when you land 3 or more scatters anywhere across the reels, however these rules slotxo vary across the board.

For example in Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt, 3 scatters must land in the same payline for the bonus round to be activated, while in Dinosaurs Rage by Quickspin, 3 scatters can be landed anywhere to trigger the bonus.

More scatters – more bonus 

The most common prize that the scatters provide is a free spin round, which makes it easy for developers to adapt the scatter – more scatters in the display means more spins. This is the way it goes in many games, while others might award you an instant cash prize for above 3 scatters. What is more, you will most often be able to re-trigger the bonus by landing 3 or more scatters again during the bonus round!

As you can see the scatter is a very important part of slots and is very well sought-after. 

How do I know if the game has a scatter? 

Before you wager your money on a game, you will want to know what perks it has and whether it has a scatter symbol. You can find this out by entering the game and then choosing the information icon, where you will find descriptions of the slot. Have a look at the paytable and you will see whether a scatter symbol is present or not. It would be a good idea to read other information provided, where you will find out about the bonus rounds featured in the game. To sum up, you will want to take these steps before playing a slot

  • Check the information tab to see the RTP (return-to-player). Decide if it suits you.
  • Check the paytable to see if a scatter is used in the game.
  • Read other information to find out about the game features. Decide if they suit you.

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