Scalp Massaging for Healthier Hair Growth: Does It Work?

When it comes to caring for your hair, keep in mind that healthy and lush locks often begin with a healthy scalp. Note that your scalp is basically skin. This means you should treat it with the same care and attention you are giving your body and face. You have to tend to your scalp so you can continue building a healthy environment necessary for hair growth and making each strand as flourishing as possible.

If you neglect your scalp, there is a high chance to experience several unwanted conditions affecting your hair, including stunted growth, dull and dry locks, and dandruff. The good news is that there are several ways to care for your scalp – one of which is a regular scalp massage, which can stimulate good health in the area.

Basically, a scalp massage requires you to put pressure directly under your hair then into your scalp so blood flow will be stimulated. This massage also promotes relaxation. You can do it using not only your hands but also a scalp massager. The scalp massaging device operates by mimicking the pressure produced by your fingertips during the massage.

In most cases, you can do the massage without oil but it is also possible to use some if you prefer that.

What Can Scalp Massage Do for your Hair?

Scalp massage is definitely good for your hair, especially if you are already in your 40s. Regardless if you do it with the use of specialty products and scalp massaging tools, scalp detoxes, or the ones offered by salons, the scalp massage can benefit almost all aspects of your hair health.

Among its benefits that can all lead to healthier hair growth even in your 40s and beyond are the following:

Promotes relaxation

Of course, one thing that makes scalp massage so good is that it is very relaxing. It can relax your mind and body and free you of stress. It can offer instant relief to stress and anxiety, which are also among the major triggers of hair loss and thinning.

Improves hair volume and thickness

Whether you experience hair thinning because of age or just want to make your locks even thicker, a regular scalp massage can help. It has the potential of increasing the thickness of your hair significantly.

There is a higher chance for you to enjoy such a benefit if you use a scalp massaging tool and give your scalp a daily massage for at least four minutes. Gently massaging your scalp with this tool may be what you need to do to finally thicken your hair.

Supports hair growth

Daily scalp massage can promote healthy hair growth because it can lower your risk of experiencing hair fall. It also stimulates the regrowth of your hair. In addition, the massage can strengthen your follicles, giving you not only healthier but also stronger strands.

Gets rid of scalp buildup

Note that sebum, sweat, and the products you use on your hair can result in scalp buildup. This happens when the excess of any of the mentioned elements will clog your follicles, thereby interrupting the hair growth process. You can get rid of such buildup with the aid of a scalp massage, which is the key to regrowing your hair.

Just make sure you pair it up with other routines, like washing your hair more efficiently, instead of more frequently. The reason is that over-washing your hair may only lead to the natural oils in your scalp being stripped off. The result is dry and weak hair that may have a hard time growing again.

You have to keep your hair clean through regular washing but you should avoid doing it excessively. Stick to using shampoo only once or twice weekly, too. Moreover, you can pair up the scalp massage with detox methods designed to clear follicles that have been clogged. This can stimulate your scalp, which contributes to healthy hair growth.

How to Do the Scalp Massage?

There are actually a couple of ways for you to do a scalp massage. You can just pick a method based on what you find convenient. For instance, you can massage your scalp while washing your hair. This is possible by rubbing the shampoo gently on your scalp.

Use circular motions as you rub the shampoo on your scalp for around five minutes after putting it. Avoid scrubbing hard, though. Do it as gently as possible then rinse off.

You may also want to use scalp massagers and brushes. These tools are now around to cater to the needs of those who wish to receive a soothing and effective scalp and head massage. You can expect the tools to work across your scalp similarly to when you are using your fingers.

You may also want to use a scalp massaging serum applicator along with the right hair and scalp serum. You can use the applicator to apply your chosen serum, one that works well for weak and thinning hair brought on by age, evenly to your scalp. The result will be denser, fuller, stronger, and healthier hair growth.


Scalp massage works for you whether you have fine, thick, dry, oily, curly, or straight hair. The only thing you should do is tailor the tools and products you intend to use depending on the exact type of hair you have and your hair concerns. That way, the gentle and regular scalp massage will bring you the result you want, especially in terms of hair growth.

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