Sativa Or Indica? Where Does Your CBD Strain Fall IE Hawaiian Haze?

Despite the endless varieties of cannabis available, nearly the entire supply of CBD Flower derives from merely two cannabis family species known as Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa.. The claim is that these are unique in their medicinal application, chemical composition, and the physiological effect.

You will find a multitude of strains, each boasting unique properties to reduce symptomatology specific to certain health-related conditions on the market. Examples including ‘Hawaiian haze’ can be seen at . But for those strains classified as ‘sativa,’ the suggestion is there is more of an ‘energized-mind type of experience with therapeutic qualities helping to reduce episodes of stress and elevating mood. 

With ‘indica,’ the opposite is true. There is more of a relaxed sensation with the notion of general analgesic characteristics along with sleep benefits. So it would seem the initial step in the selection process for a CBD product in addition to the strain would be determining which of these ‘effects’ would apply more to your specific needs. Whether you’re smoking Sativa or Indica, you can find glass water pipes for sale at an online headshop or your local dispensary.

Hemp Has Come A Long Way

Discussing hemp openly has only become apropos throughout the last few years. In not too distant history, anything cannabis-related was taboo. Now people go to great lengths to educate on terms like THC, CBD, hemp, and all that they imply. The proposed benefits of health and wellness play a hand in the surge in popularity and acceptance, particularly properties leading to pain relief.          

For many new to hemp, the subject can prove overwhelming, adding in the number of strains and terms like ‘sativa’ or ‘indica’ to the mix. The primary concept for your understanding is recognizing hemp to be a part of the cannabis plant with a level of THC at .3% or lower. Marijuana and hemp are sisters in the cannabis plant family, but they are distinct to themselves. Marijuana consists of all components with THC levels higher than .3%, creating a psychoactive effect that hemp will not. THC is the mind-altering element responsible for the intoxication.  You can visit this site to Get a Medical Card Online and become a certified user of Cannabis products.

The Basics of ‘Sativa’ And Indica

People prefer hemp with its high level of CBD and low component of THC, avoiding the feelings of ‘high’ associated with a reversal in this ratio. Most of those indulging in the products do so in an effort to take advantage of potential medicinal and therapeutic properties with variations based on the strain and the plant’s strength. 

Going into a dispensary can prove daunting, particularly for the novice with items displayed using names or strains. The names designate how the bud can potentially affect you, particularly with the addition of terms such as ‘sativa’ and ‘indica.’ Read for guidance on the different terms.

  • A Sativa Strain:  Denoting a strain as sativa will prove most beneficial for those in need of a reduction in anxiety or decreased symptoms associated with depression. The designation indicates a substance targeted for the mind. It offers the potential for a serotonin increase allowing for greater focus.

It often receives the misconception that it produces a type of ‘trip’ because it energizes as opposed to relaxing. These boast as helping with pain reduction and decreasing mental conditioning, including stressors and issues related to anxiety.

  • An Indica Strain: The notion of indica calming the mind is an indication, but the main idea is to relax the body. The claim is that these act in muscle relaxers’ capacity and help in that same vein to reduce levels of pain. Further, properties boast aiding with problems related to the stomach from episodes of nausea to those with appetite challenges.

Because the substances have the capacity to relax the body and mind, they tout as advantageous with sleep regulation with use being more beneficial at night. The products help make those indulging sleepy, which aids in cases of insomnia or any kind of sleep challenge.

If you’re new to CBD, you’ll need to do your research regarding indica vs sativa to employ the right strains for your specific chemistry. Someone who has tendencies towards anxieties or depression won’t want to indulge in a sedating-type of compound. The same is true for a gregarious person. You won’t need much more energy. It’s a learning process, but there is plenty of information to help you on your path.

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