Rolex GMT Master II: A Collection Of Watches For Air Pilots

The Rolex brand is famous and well recognized around the globe because of its high-quality and luxurious collection of watches. The brand is known for its different collections such as the Sea-Dweller, Submariner, Day-Date, Date-Just, Daytona, Yacht-Master, Explorer, Air-King, and the GMT Master and the GMT Master II.

The GMT Master II is designed entirely to meet the standards of our professional air pilots. All of their series have the ultimate ability to read three time zones using its rotatable bezel. All of its designs have remained loyal to its original ones, but their watches’ technology keeps improving over the years. Here are the four latest models from this series.

GMT Master II – 126715chnr

This model is one of the latest additions to the Rolex GMT Master ii series crafted for perfection just for the pilots, most especially men. This timepiece has an elegant design which was revealed to the public in 2018. This model is crafted with perfection for the air pilots, which can also be worn on different occasions.

It has a black analog dial styled with a dot and sticks hour markers and a Rolex professional maxi hand markers in white-tone silver. Its rose gold case has a closed back with a diameter size of 40.00 mm, covered with a scratch-proof crystal known as sapphire glass. It has a color combination of the brown and black rotatable bezel, which can read up to 3 time zones.

This Rolex watch’s movement caliber is 3285, an automatic type with 31 jewels and a 70-hour power reserve. Its mechanical diameter is 28.50 mm, and the whole watch has water-resistant 100 meters.

GMT Master II – 126719BLRO-0002

This Rolex GMT Master II watch is one of the bold and unique watches perfectly designed to be on its peak functionality. The timepiece is created to exceed the expectations of our pilots when it comes to a luxury watch. It has a unique design and a color combination of blue, red, and silver that would easily match any pilot uniform.

It has an 18-carat white gold case; the same goes with its bracelet and buckle. The dial on top of the case is made from meteorite color with traditional dot style hour markers and Rolex signature hand markers in Breguet white-tone.  Inside the dial, there is a date indicator that helps you track the date of the month.

A red and blue rotatable bezel surrounds this timepiece’s dial with a unique feature of helping you track three time zones simultaneously. The automatic movement caliber of this Rolex is 3285 with a 70-hour power reserve. The entire watch has a water-resistant feature of 100 meters.

GMT Master II – 116713 LN

This 116713 LN model is one of Rolex’s latest released designs under the GMT Master II series made perfectly for men. It has a unique man-like color combination of black, yellow, and silver, making the watch a good accessory to your uniform. This timepiece is valuable and useful to pilots who continuously travel long distances.

It has a black dial with dot-style hour markers and traditional Rolex hands in yellow gold with a luminescence finish. The watch’s stainless steel case compliments the black and yellow gold rotatable bezel, which can track three time zones. Its dial is covered with a scratch-proof sapphire crystal with a diameter of 40 mm.

It has a bicolor bracelet made from stainless steel and yellow gold. Its automatic movement is 3186 caliber with 31 jewels and a power reserve of 50 hours. The entire watch is made to be waterproof up to 100 meters.

GMT Master II – 116718LN BK

This GMT Master II watch is another new model that is worth buying. The entire watch is made just for men with a proven study that is very useful to pilots who travel the world. It has a black dial with dot-style hour markers and Rolex Breguet hand markers in yellow gold with a luminescence finish.

The dial includes a date indicator feature to help you keep track of the date, and it is surrounded by a black and gold rotatable bezel that can track up to three time zones. The entire case, bracelet, and buckle of this timepiece are made of 18ct yellow gold. It has an automatic movement of 3186 with 31 jewels and a 50-hour power reserve.


The Rolex GMT Master II series will never let you down with its functionality, design, and unique style. This timepiece is not just an ordinary watch, for it can track three different time zones simultaneously, making it a perfect accessory for your daily job as a pilot.

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