Role of parents in preparing the students for IMO maths of class 8

The international maths olympiad is a prestigious examination among the students of the school level. To test the mathematical skills of the students from class 8 to 12 are insisted to participate in the international maths olympiad examination.  This competitive exam is an ultimate challenge for the students of high school. Hence they participate in massive numbers every year. It allows the students to horn their skills and also to represent the country internationally.

The international maths olympiad exam has been conducted every year since 1959. This is the much-acclaimed competitive exam which includes participation from most countries of the world. A team of six students represents each country. The students who are residents in India and holders of overseas citizens of India (OCI) passports can participate in this examination. However, the path of representing team India is not an easy task. A student must undergo a scrupulous process with six steps before getting into the final examination. But the covid-19 pandemic has changed the pathway into four steps as the first step is the Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Mathematics (IOQM), the second step is the Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO), the third step is the International Mathematical Olympiad Training Camp (IMOTC), and finally the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). Since the competition is intense the students must realize the race is tough.

Books to refer

To initiate the preparation, the students must choose the right book that contains the entire syllabus prescribed by the IMO examination. Good books lead students to success. NCERT books are the most important study material to begin the preparation with. Pathfinder for PROM/IOM which is published by the author named Pearson and the mathematics olympiad for RMO/INMO published by Disha publications are some of the important books to be referred to in the preparation of the olympiad examination. The students are suggested to refer to the MTG published IMO olympiad workbook which contains various sample papers and mock tests. The students can practice with the IMO class 8 previous year paper 2011 to solve multiple problems to increase their speed. It also enhances the problem-solving skills of the candidates.

The parents should make their children indulge in solving problems with the help of sample papers and previous year question papers. This helps them in extensive practice. Consistent practice makes them familiar with the exam pattern, typologies of the questions, and their difficulty levels. The Osawaal One is also an important book that helps the children to prepare for their examination. It analyzes the preparedness of the students in three levels such as level 1, level 2, and achiever section.

Schedule the preparation

The parents should help their children in making a time-efficient study plan and insist them to follow it strictly. The students should prepare well for the olympiad examination by studying thoroughly all the concepts in a comprehensive manner. The parents should also make sure that there is no hindrance for their children to follow the study plan. But at the same time, the schedule should not alone revolve around the studies. There should be some break time between the studies.

Help children to understand the concept

The parents should help their children to understand the concepts in-depth. They should create a safe space for the children to clarify their doubts.  Most of the problems in the olympiad are based on concepts. Thus the parents should make their children study each topic thoroughly so that they get a thorough knowledge about each concept and the logic to solve each problem. Only scrupulous preparation builds the confidence of the children and makes them capable of answering the most difficult questions efficiently.

Introduce interesting ways to memorize the formulas

The children find it hard to memorize the formulas and theorems in mathematics. Thus feeling the subject as a scary one. The parents should think of some interesting ways to make them memorize the formulas. For example, making everyday puzzles, pop-up questionnaires, etc. writing is also the best way to memorize the theorems and formulas. Dictating the theorem and making the children write is one such way that does wonders in memorizing.

Review the answers and notes

Revision is the most consistent thing for preparation for any kind of exam that can be either a school exam or an olympiad exam. The children should develop a habit of taking notes and memorizing the key facts of each topic while attending the class. This is because the olympiad examination has the same curriculum as that of the school. The parents should review their children’s notes and mark their mistakes to rectify those mistakes. Practicing this helps the students to learn quickly.

Do not put pressure on children

The students feel anxious and stressed while preparing for the competitive examinations. At times this pressure of the students is mainly transferred from their parents. The parents should allow their children to have some time for a break or indulge them in their favorite hobbies. This reduces their stress to a greater extent. This will enhance the performance of the students in the examination.

Make some time for rest

The parents should not allow their children to stay awake at night for preparing for the olympiad exams or even the school exams. The  brain of the students should be very active in absorbing and reading while preparing for the examination. Missing out of sleep causes the brain to wear out. Thus a proper sleep helps the brain to be active and makes the students perform well in exams.


These are the most important things that are to be followed by the parents so that their children can perform well in the exams and fly high with colors. Taking part in the olympiad examination offers the children an enriching experience and provides knowledge that is required for further education. It is the responsibility of the parents to create the best environment that is much needed for the children to excel. There is no requirement for the parents to enroll their children in additional programs to prepare for the Olympiad exam. To succeed in this, the students must have consistent preparation.

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