Resume –An Essential Requirement For A Job

The first step to get a job is to prepare a polished and professional resume. Without detailed Resume examples, you can not apply for the designated job. A resume is a summary of all your education qualifications, skills, and accomplishments. However, it is a formal document prepared by the job applicant before applying for the job. You can also get it prepared by some expert or professional.

Some people confuse the Resume examples with curriculum vitae (commonly called CV), but the resume and CV are not the same. There is a difference between a resume and curriculum vitae. A CV is a detailed document that includes all your academic, graduation, work experience, skills, etc. without restricting the length. Whereas in a resume, there is the only summary of education, work experience, and skills, which is just covered in one or two pages only. We have to edit timely or update our resume for each specific work experience or any relevant course.

Essentials to be added to a resume

If you are applying for a job, you need to know the essentials to be added to a resume. The following are the essentials which you need to cover in every resume type whatever job you are applying for-

  • Introduction
  • Contact details
  • Education background
  • Work experience
  • Additional experience
  • Relevant skills
  • Relevant courses

Introduction and contact details

At the starting of the resume, you should introduce yourself by providing some personal details about you like the name of the job applicant, date of birth, contact number, email address, address. Some people avoid mentioning their residence, but if you are a resident and your area is near the office, you can mention your home address. Besides, you can also add social media links like a LinkedIn profile or any personal blog, if any.

Education background

Many jobs require some specified education qualification according to the job title. If you are applying for an accountant post, you must be a CA, or if you applied for some software engineer job title, you must have a degree. So it is necessary to mention your academic credentials on your resume. The employer also first checks your education qualification, if it is upto their requirement, only he considers reading your Resume examples further; otherwise, it is rejected.

Under this section, you must mention the complete details starting from the name of the school where you completed your schooling, the name of the college or university where you had done your graduation or post-graduation, also mention the date of passing along with the degrees.

Work experience

This is the crucial section of the Resume examples where you mention your work experience details. If you have work experience at more than one place, mention each work experience in detail. Under this, you should mention the name of the company or premises, job title, your role and duties in a job, employment location, and several years’ experiences. Add all this information in bullet points. This section is significant for recruiters as they can analyze your work experience from this and match the relevant skill and decide if you are suitable for the job title recruitment.

Additional experience

However, it is not a compulsory section, but it is equally valuable and essential. This section will make you stand out from the crowd. Under this section, you can include prizes, awards, medals, or certification earned by you during your school time or college while participating in any competition or co-curricular activity. You can also add any volunteer social work done by you and recognized and applauded by state or local government. If you have attended any national or international conference relevant to the job title, you can mention this in your resume profile.

Don’t make this section lengthy, as this may distract you from the essential section of education and work experience. So try to make it short and precise, and it is the section that depicts who you are in a society.

Relevant skills

This is the most attractive section, as every person possesses different and unique skills. But you have to be a little bit careful and alert while preparing this section as you need to mention the skills relevant for your job. This enhances your resume looks and makes it more interesting. You can mention the skills as if you have proficiency in any international language like English, French, German, etc. You can mention additional computer knowledge you have, like if you know about tally software, java or C++ language, or any other mention in your Resume examples.

This section is also crucial for the recruiter as he or she interestingly looks for this section with different relevant skills to choose the potential candidate. So it is recommended to mention it by using bullet points as it is easy to read and highlight your skills to make it impressive.

Relevant courses

If you had done any relevant course during your graduation or after graduation, mention it in your resume. For example, if you apply for a CA job title, you can mention additional courses like GST courses or any other. You can also mention if you work as an intern under some company and gain additional work experience. By adding such experiences, you are keeping yourself different from novice or fresher.

 Many organizations or companies avoid appointing a fresher as they had no work experience in the past. It adds to the company’s cost to provide them training related to the job. Every recruiter mostly searches for the candidate who has some experience or training relevant to the job roles.

Final thought

These are the essential points that should be added to every resume type. So if you haven’t prepared your example of resume, check this article and consider these points while preparing your resume for the designated job as a detailed description of your academics, work experience, relevant skills, and courses. This will be beneficial for you and increase your chances of getting your dream job.

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