Reasons Why Should you Insure your Smartwatch?

Gone are the days when watches were viewed as only utilitarian products. Today, watches are worn by discerning individuals as a reflection of their personality and social standing. Many luxury brands such as Rolex, Cartier and Tag Heuer have made their foray into the Indian market; not to forget the Apple Smartwatch with its extensive features.

Whether you are a connoisseur of luxury watches or a proud owner of a premium smartwatch, it makes tremendous financial sense to invest in a watch secure plan to protect your valuable possession against the risks of theft or damages.

There are several reasons why investing in a watch protection plan is a brilliant idea:

To cover against the loss due to theft or damage

All electronic gadgets are susceptible to damage. If you are a frequent traveller, there is always a risk of loss due to theft. A comprehensive watch secure policy can cover your precious watch against a variety of contingencies such as accidents, damage, fire, natural calamities and theft. Such a policy also offers coverage against manmade disasters such as riots and strikes.

Extended Warranty

Usually, the warranty offered by watch manufacturers comes with many terms and conditions and does not even cover all damages. The warranty is generally offered for a limited period of 1 year. Hence, it is important to purchase a smartwatch insurance policy that offers comprehensive coverage for an extended period.

Ease of Purchase

Watch secure policy is very convenient to purchase. It can be bought online using your debit or credit card, mobile wallet, net banking or through UPI payment. Also, such policies are very economical, offering high coverage at low premiums. 


Many smartwatch insurance policy offers the flexibility of customising the plan to suit your unique requirements. 

Other Benefits

Certain watch secure policies offer additional benefits such as Emergency Travel Assistance, offering financial assistance in case you get stranded during a trip, doctor on call, and access to live TV etc. There is also a complimentary accidental damage/loss coverage that accompanies certain watch protection plans.

Facilities to block all your credit/debit cards with a single call to the insurer is another attractive feature offered by watch secure policy.

Easy claim process

Another factor that persuades the customers to invest in a watch insurance policy is its easy claim process. In case of loss, theft, or damage to a watch, all that the policyholder needs to do is call the customer care number of the insurer and inform them about the incident. A claim can also be lodged by visiting the online portal of the insurer or by sending them a text message through your smartphone.

How to purchase a watch insurance policy?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a watch protection plan to cover your prized possession:

Compare the Cost

It is important to make a comparison between the amount of coverage offered by various insurance providers and the premium charged by them before making your pick. Choose an insurance amount that is adequate to cover the repairs/replacement cost of your watch.

Extent of Coverage

It is important to find out the types of damages/ losses covered under the policy. Choose a policy that is comprehensive and covers most of the probable causes of loss/damage that you may encounter.


All policies come with certain exclusions i.e. certain types of claims that will not be entertained by the insurer. It is critical to be aware of the eventualities that fall outside the purview of a watch cover policy. For instance, wear and tear due to usage will not be covered by most insurers.

If you are planning to buy a premium watch in future or own an expensive watch that is less than a year old, it will be a great idea to check out the Watch Secure policy Pocket Insurance and Subscriptions. With this policy, you can get comprehensive coverage of up to Rs. 40,000 for your watch by paying an annual premium of Rs. 449 only.

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