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What is HVAC?

                HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. You can find more information here. This means that people in this industry are the ones that help keep your home or business more comfortable. There are many things that HVAC technicians do for your home, including testing your units, installation, maintenance, servicing, troubleshooting, repair work and selling units. The technicians need to be skilled in every aspect of the HVAC business so that they can best help you stay comfortable in your home or business.

The Job of the HVAC Technician

                The first thing the technician must do is to read blueprints to be able to know where to place the units and ventilation units. They also must use the blueprints to decide what size units are needed for the space to maximize comfort and affordability.

                The technician will then assemble the air-conditioner and heater units and install the ventilation. The technician will use the blueprints to plan out the spacing of the units so that air flows in the best way in order to keep the building comfortable. This includes cutting or drilling holes in structures to be able to install the units and vents.

                Next the technician will connect the HVAC systems to all the electrical, water and fuel sources. This means that the technician will need to be adept at jobs that other tradesmen are proficient at including electricians and plumbers.

                After everything is hooked up, the technician will make sure that everything is working properly. This means that they will test everything according to manufacturer’s specifications. If things are good, the technician’s job is done at the new job site.             

A Normal Day for the HVAC Technician

                If the technician is not installing a new system, they are busy with other things. Usually, they are doing service calls to check on existing units. They might refer to forums such as this one to help find some solutions for you – https://www.hvacproforums.com/forums/residential.19.  This includes a variety of things, including trying to find reasons the unit isn’t working correctly.

                The first thing they might do is to check the pipe fittings for leaks – and repairing those if they are found. Your HVAC system can leak a variety of different liquids for different reasons. A small amount of water leaking is perfectly normal for your system. More than a little bit might mean that there is a bigger problem that needs to be repaired. The technician will use different ways to find the leak, if normal ways don’t find the leak, the technician may use a dye to find it.

                A leak is usually the culprit, and if your unit has been leaking for awhile, there may be corrosion that needs to be fixed. If the pipes are corroded, they may need replaced to make sure there are no further issues with the unit. You might know that there is a leak if your unit isn’t cooling your home or business as well as it should. Your fuel bills may be higher than usual, indicating a problem in the system. This might be a time to connect with R.A. Styron HVAC Virginia Beach to help solve your problems. They will be able to help you out in a very efficient way.

                Other issues that the technician might run into with your system might be something as simple as dead thermostat batteries, a disconnect switch being turned off, a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. It could also be as easy to fix as replacing dirty filters. These are all easy fixes for your system that your technician can fix in a matter of minutes and in a low-cost way.

                More expensive issues might be that your compressor – the main part of your unit that forces the refrigerant to be compressed into liquid to go through the system coils – has failed. If your compressor fails, it can be a very expensive fix, usually more than a thousand dollars. Your coils can also fail causing another very expensive repair. If both fail, you might be better off buying a new unit.


                An HVAC technician has a tough job that is important to the comfort of your home or business. Whether they are putting new systems into a building or repairing units already installed, they are kept busy throughout the day. The technician must be trained in the complete installation and repair of HVAC units.

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