Personal Photos in Interior Design: 3 Easy Ways to Make Your House a Home

What can turn a house into a cozy home? It’s the personal touches that make the difference – and the easiest way to achieve that unique feel is to use family photos as part of your decor scheme. But it’s definitely worth doing a bit of research first. So if you’re thinking of using personal photos in your interior design, take a look at these tricks and tips provided by the custom printing specialists

Their experts recommend sticking to failsafe wall art solutions if you’re a design novice. So let’s take a look at three popular wall decor products that can lift any room – with the minimum of effort required.

1.   Classic Framed Photos – a Versatile Design Solution

One option you may like to use for your home photo display is traditional framed photos. Photo prints in a classic frame will suit almost any design scheme. The printing experts at suggest you lean towards unfussy frames in natural colors (to avoid clashing with other interior design features), though a pop of color can also work if it’s compatible with your color scheme and the general character of the photo display.

Large framed prints look great as stand-alone items, but smaller formats often work best as part of a gallery wall – so don’t be afraid to fill that empty space with wall art for a head-turning visual effect!

2.   Custom Photo Posters – Old-School Design in Contemporary Quality

Sometimes drilling holes in the wall simply isn’t an option – and if that’s true in your case, it’s better to avoid the more substantial wall art solutions like framed photos. A better idea is choosing paper-thin prints that can be mounted with the help of adhesive gum or double-sided tape. And photo posters fit the bill perfectly – this classic wall art format has recently been rediscovered by interior designers and printing specialists alike.

These days you can find custom posters printed on lab-quality photo paper – for example, uses Fujifilm paper for a sturdy but lightweight print. Choose a respectable provider and you won’t need to worry about color fade or paper creases – if it’s made using premium materials, your photo poster should keep that good-as-new look for years.

3.   Canvas Prints – Quirky & Arty

When it comes to arty designs, nothing works better than canvas prints. Unlike prints on paper and other flat formats, canvas prints normally come with a sturdy inner frame that makes them simple to hang up. You can even lean them against a vertical surface – convenient if you can’t or don’t want to make holes in the wall.

Canvas prints combine retro appeal with 21th-century reproduction quality – their slightly textured surface softens colors without affecting the ultra-crisp resolution. Photo portraits can look like real works of art when they’re printed on canvas – so if you have a series of close-up photo portraits you want to turn into wall decor, canvas could be the perfect choice.

Decorate on a Budget with

Printing your personal photos on wall decoration needn’t break the bank. Custom printing services have become surprisingly accessible – for example, at the entry price for canvas prints is just $5! Check out their website to learn more about their fantastic product range and rock-bottom prices!

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