Pastimes That Can Actually Earn You Money

How often do you hear the phrase “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life”? While this wonderful Mark Twain’s quote sounds good and most of us would agree that it is true, it might not be so easy to achieve for several reasons. Many of us choose our majors without knowing much about the world and ourselves. This results in doing a job that sounded dreamy in our teenage years, but it turned out it did not age well. Thus, we find ourselves having a decent salary while doing unfulfilling work.  

In this situation, many of us turn to hobbies. Sometimes hobbies are what we were born to do, but due to life circumstances did not get a chance. Other times, we turn to hobbies to deal with our anxieties or depression and end up discovering a hidden talent. But the fact is that, other than bringing positivity and a sense of achievement, your favorite pastime can also improve your budget. Let’s take a look at some examples: 

Writing and blogging for extra cash

If you enjoy putting words on paper, it might finally be the time to make some money from it. The Internet gives vast possibilities for publishing. You can choose a topic you are an expert on or enjoy very much, like cooking or traveling and start your own blog. It does not even have to be just one topic; you can write about your family or your everyday life. There are ways to create a website for free and get into writing. It might take a little time and research on how to write popular blogs, but it will be worth it. 

Another good option is to become a freelance writer and write for others, in other words – sell it as a service. In this case, you can also specialize in one or two niches. Gigs are pretty simple to find – you can check out platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. Writers are usually in high demand, so this might be a quicker way to start making some profit from your beloved hobby. You can always do both blogging and freelance writing, of course. 

Brush up on gambling skills and make profit from it 

Gambling is such an exciting way to make money. It involves so much fun and an adrenaline rush. It requires a set of unique skills: math is necessary because you must be able to calculate your odds to win, a little knowledge of psychology to read through your opponents, knowing the casino terminology can be absolutely crucial, and more often than not, luck must be on your side. But, if you are someone who enjoys a game of poker with friends once in a while, chances are you already have enough practice and experience in all of the above. 

Gambling has never been more accessible, thanks to online casinos. This means you do not have to spend any additional cash on going to casinos. Hence, your earnings will be bigger. If gambling is the hobby you enjoy and now want to earn money from it, it will be very simple to start. But you must take into consideration your willpower and the ability to know when to stop. Otherwise, this hobby will not end up being your extra source of income, but rather the opposite. 

Turn your love of photography into money 

Are you the one your friend and family always chooses to take a group photo? Do you always carry your high-quality camera around just in case? If yes, photography should be your side gig. It is true that modern-day phones turned us all into some kind of photographers and we often observe important events through the lances of a camera in order to capture them, but photographers who know exactly what they are doing are still a minority. 

To profit from your great photos, you can start shooting events. You can offer to make portraits. Or you can take photos of the world around you and sell them online. All of your works can be easily promoted through the likes of Instagram and Facebook. If photography is your hidden talent and something you love doing, you will be surprised how quickly you will be able to cash it in. 

Love for the animals as a hobby 

Was your dream to become a vet when you were a kid, but the world got in the way? If yes, today you are probably a proud dog or cat owner, or any other animal for that matter. You also probably know a lot about these animals, their needs, and ways to make them happy. You can turn this love into a hobby that pays well. People absolutely love their pets and they often treat them as their children. This means they are willing to pay a substantial amount of money to someone who will take good care of their beloved animals. 

To offer pet sitting in your neighborhood, you can make an account on some of the platforms that connect pet owners and sitters. If you have a lot of space in the house or a wonderful garden, you can be an even more attractive choice for a pet sitter because you can offer the service in your space. 

Teaching and tutoring others 

Another amazing thing you can do with your favorite pastime is to teach it to others. If you are very good at playing an instrument or you speak another language, you can consider transferring this knowledge to someone else. Even your knowledge of calculus can be cashed in this way because there are many children who need tutoring. It is effortless to offer your services, again thanks to the Internet. But you can always start from your neighborhood using the good old word-to-mouth marketing. 

Final thoughts

Whether you are in need of some extra money, or you simply want to prove to your family and friends that your hobby is not just a waste of time, turning your pastime into a small business can be a great idea. Make sure you assess first if you have enough time to manage your small business and do market research to make sure it will be as profitable as you expect it to be.

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