Television is one of the most popular means of entertainment. Every year thousands of new TV shows are aired all over the world. Some can stay for much longer than one season because of the fame and audience they accumulate.

One such TV show that is all set to telecast its fourth season is Overlord. All three seasons so far have been more than entertaining for us. Some scenes made you cry, scenes that made you cringe and also scenes that got you hooked.

So, after the impeccable season, the wait is almost over for the next one. The cliffhanger from the last season had me grinding me teeth for over a year. Did it have the same effect on you as well?


Imagine you were playing a video game, and you stuck inside it with no way to get out, and you develop the inhumane proclivity to killing. It would be pretty terrifying, right? That is the plot of Overlord, fascinating and petrifying at the same time.

The protagonist in the story is Momonga, later known as AinzOoal Gown. He is the of a guild of about 41 players in a game called the Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game or DMMORPG. This version of the game will be shut down soon. 

However, Momonga continues to play it until the last moment, and he realises that the game did not cease to exist, somewhat it had changed to a different version called YGGDRASIL. The problem arises when he is unable to change any of the settings, use the normal functions of the game or even log out. So, he was trapped in his gaming avatar stuck inside YGGDRASIL. And then the real chaos begins.


As you may know, the series is a television adaptation of a Japanese light novel series of the same name written by KuganeMauyama. The novel has 14 published volumes so far; however, the author did say that he had decided to write 20 when he began. The popularity of the series can force him to extend the volume count-good news for the watchers.

In the previously telecasted three seasons, the storyline of 9 volumes has been shown. So, it is wise to say that we can expect more seasons to come because Ainz story is not even close to ending.


The last episode which was the thirteenth of season 3, was aired on October 2, 2018. After the gruelling wait of more than a year and a half, there is talk of unveiling the next season.

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It would have happened sooner, but the corona pandemic has delayed the dates. Sources close to the production team have stated that the fourth season is set to be released in January 2021. The trailer would launch a few weeks before that. Although there has been no official statement released by Madhouse, the maker of the anime, the reports can be trusted because the entire industry is chattering about the same.


AinzOoal Gown
Santoshi Hino Chris Guerrero
Yumi Hara Elizabeth Maxwell
Masayuki KatoJeff Johnson
Sebas Tian
Shigeru ChibaBill Jenkins

The cast of the show is going to be the same as was in the previous seasons. The main characters for the Japanese and English adaptations are;

I have realised that ever since I got to know about the release of the new season the wait has become even longer. Watching reruns of the show helps somewhat.

For the people, who have not watched the show yet, utilise the time that you have in quarantine, and start watching the most celebrated fantasy show in Japan and the world to catch up with the rest of us. The opening theme “Clattanoia” by OxT will have you hooked to the screen.


Overlord has drawn a fervid audience that had been heartbroken with no news on the next season. For all of those people, I have some exciting news.

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