While your home can act as the ideal backdrop for an extensive showcase of what you own, there is still the indisputable fact that it is crucial to have ample storage space. In fact, there is a consensus among homeowners that you can never have enough storage space, and for many homebuyers, it is one of the priority items at the top of an ideal feature checklist. Therefore, having ample space to store your belongings presents a considerable bonus.

One of the most common complaints about the home is the lack of adequate storage space. But what happens when dealing with the alternative? Have you ever heard of someone lamenting that they have too much room? If so, have you ever considered how you would handle such- an admittedly positive- dilemma?

If you have encountered the question or you have too much room in your wardrobe, here are some out of the box ways to use your extra wardrobe storage space.


Bring your refreshment favourites closer by using the extra storage space in your wardrobe to create a minibar. This addition is ideal for enhancing comfort by placing a convenient snack bar within easy reach for those moments when you only want to stay in your bedroom and waste time away.

You can customise the minibar’s appearance to your preferences by adding coloured lights for a bit of personality. Additionally, depending on the mini bar’s size and scope, you can also add a small sink and a coffee machine to eliminate the need for trips to the kitchen.


Perhaps you don’t have a lot of room in the bedroom, would prefer to keep it free of clutter, have a small bathroom vanity, or would like a comfortable place where you can do your makeup. Some extra storage space can provide an excellent solution to all these dilemmas. By transforming the spare room into a dresser or vanity station, you create an area where you or your loved one can perform a beauty regimen in peace.

To build a wardrobe dresser, you only need to install a mirror onto the back wall of your wardrobe and add a shelf or drawer in which to store your possessions. If the space permits, you can also add a chair or stool.


Sometimes, work will follow you into your bedroom. Alternatively, you may lack the space in the rest of your home to create a home office. In these cases, you may use the extra storage space in your wardrobe to make a mini workstation. Here, you can put in a small work environment the tools you need in an office for a productive work period.


Life can be stressful, and sometimes, you just want to escape into a corner to enjoy some reading. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible if you live in a home with a lot of noise and few quiet spaces. But, with ample extra room in your wardrobe, you can easily create a small private reading area where you can disappear both into the closet and the book you are reading.

Place some cushions and pillows in an appropriate corner to create a reading space. You can enhance the space by adding lights and some decorations. Furthermore, including a blanket adds to the comfort levels.


Indulging your love for craft requires space that may not be available anywhere else in your home. To solve this issue using extra wardrobe space, you can add a small table, chair and shelving to create a hobby corner.

You can also incorporate memorabilia storage and display area into your craft corner. This way, you get a space where you can store your trinket collections that hold memories of your travels and other life events.

Storage space is valuable; thus, it would be a shame to allow what extra you have to remain unused. So, take another look at your wardrobe today and consider how you can make the best use of any additional storage room you find.

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