OTT Marketing Strategies for User Retention

If you’re looking to retain users, it’s important to find ways to market your product or service to them regularly. Over-the-top marketing (OTT)  stands out as one of the effective ways to get things going in the right direction without spilling much cash.

OTT marketing strategies are perfect for user retention because they allow you to send ads and other content directly to your customers through their phones, computers, tablets, and other connected devices.

In this article, we’ve done the legwork and narrowed down some of the most effective OTT marketing strategies that will help you retain your users and ensure that they come back time and time again!

Effective Over the Top Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Did you know that, on average, 71% of iOS and Android users opt-in to push notifications from their favorite OTT apps? And, did you know that according to Cisco, global internet traffic will grow 3.2-fold by 2021? Combining these two facts means that the OTT marketing platform should play a big role in OTT advertising. So, here are four OTT marketing strategies for user retention.

Provide New Users with a Smooth Onboarding Experience

When users first open your app, you want to engage them immediately. You don’t want them feeling overwhelmed or confused—instead, provide them with information that is relevant to their needs.

For example, when they subscribe to a channel, they might be prompted with a list of similar channels they enjoy.

A business owner with many different products could send messages announcing the latest sales on certain items. If you know what other OTT marketing platforms your customers use, then you can cross-promote your content on those platforms too!

Use Personalized Banners to Promote New and Featured Content

Having users opt-in to receiving personalized promotional emails ensures that you’re only sending them content they want to receive. That way, sending out a banner ad promoting new content or services won’t feel like spam, and your viewers will be likelier to click on it.

Remember that people are more likely to engage with a personalized email than an impersonal one, so it can pay off big time if done correctly.

The other key is keeping your banners short and sweet. People have short attention spans, so they probably won’t watch much of a video before switching to something else. So make sure the message is concise enough for them to quickly understand what you’re trying to say without feeling overwhelmed by information overload.

Gather Critical User Feedback to Improve Your Streaming Service

Streaming services can sometimes lose sight of why they’re even doing what they do in the first place: to deliver a product that their customers will love. A great OTT marketing strategy is continuously gathering user feedback and tweaking your service accordingly.

Whether you want to attract new users or improve retention rates, understanding your customers’ needs is vital to keep them happy and ensure that you don’t lose out on potential revenue.

One way to gather customer feedback is by sending surveys via email or an app like Survey Monkey. You can also employ social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find out what people say about your company and its products (and, more importantly, how it could be improved).

Use Rich Promotional Emails to Engage Your Users

Email marketing is still an effective tool for businesses. Most market leaders rate it as a top channel for customer retention and acquisition. One way to keep your users engaged is through interactive and rich emails that look much more like website landing pages than traditional plain-text emails.

This can help you convert your users into lifetime customers. Additionally, having an interactive experience will enable you to gather data about each user, giving you actionable insights about their purchase history and interests in your product or service.

For example, you could create promotions targeted at the individual subscriber based on their past activity with your company. Suppose you want to build loyalty with your existing customers.

In that case, you could offer discounts via email rather than requiring them to take the time out of their day and return to the site where they have already demonstrated interest in your products or services.

If Your Retention Is Poor, Then Nothing Else Matters.

It is essential to keep your existing users engaged. You need to continue providing them with the content and features they want. However, with many options, holding on to an engaged user base is hard.

At times even a simple update or change in UI may become unbearable for these users. Therefore, you should consider updating your marketing strategies to ensure you don’t lose your entire user base.

An email campaign might not be enough as the changes can quickly become annoying. Instead, try using incentives such as offers, contests, giveaways, and other promotional material to increase the engagement of your current users.

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