Online vs offline study, which one is best for you?

COVID-19 brought with it some major life alternation impacts, not only the social interaction but businesses, gatherings, and even academic institutions faced shutdowns for a longer time period and no hope to reopen any sooner. This leads the world to undergo an educational crisis since the extensive lockdowns have made more than 77 million children miss school for almost eighteen months now which becomes approximately 2 trillion hours without any learning (UNICEF, n.d.)

Even though the world did shift from person to online, so did the schooling systems i.e., all academic institutions around the globe shifted to e-learning from in-person face to face classes to insure the standard operating procedures set by the World Health Organization (WHO). However, it should not be forgotten that it’s one of the basic rights of children to go to school for their better understanding, development, and welfare.

Although the decision to shut the academic intuitions was not entirely wrong since it is difficult to make the children follow all the rules and standard operating procedures throughout the day and there is a fair chance of them getting irritated easily thus, shutting the schools was a rational decision in the beginning. (Mahyoob, 2020)

Thus, making online classes or what is often called e-learning a new normal. Even though online studies have been made popular around the globe, it has their own pros and cons so does the offline, traditional methods of studying. With the vaccination introduced, most schools have introduced hybrid learning which means practising both offline and online classes.

This, therefore, enables the students to choose between the alternatives based on their convenience and which methods suits them the best. As mentioned above, both ways of learning have their advantages and disadvantages, students should evaluate before making a choice.

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Following is the detailed differentiation between the two; (Colliot, 2020)


Online ClassesOffline Classes
Online learning is a far more flexible and convenient way of learning that allows the students to study via the internet using their computers or even mobile phones at home   The conventional in-person meetings of students and teachers are not required and can be eliminated.Offline classes are the old method of learning where the students are supposed to attend the school in-person and attend a class face to face with their professors.

Time Saving

Online ClassesOffline Classes
Since the students can take the class from the ease of their homes only and do not necessarily need to go to school, they can save a lot of time that was usually spent on commuting due to heavy traffics.   The saved time can be applied to studiesWhereas in offline classes there is a compulsion of visiting the school each day thus, students have to travel long distances to attend the class.            

Cost effective

Online ClassesOffline Classes
Students can save a lot of money spent regularly on their commute, cafes, and study material by studying online.   Since they are at their homes only there is no need to travelling, buy extra food, or hard copies of study material since all the academics are available online in the e-learningOffline classes on the other hand turn out to be more expensive than online since students have to stay put all the long thus, a huge amount of money is spent on commuting and eating.   Also, in a face-to-face class, they need to purchase all the books.   

Stress free

Online ClassesOffline Classes
Online classes are usually termed to be a stress-free way of learning since students are allowed to take the class in their comfort zone where they would be more productive and better comprehend the conceptsWhereas, in offline classes sometimes students might not be comfortable with the surroundings of the class which would hinder their understanding and ultimately affect their grades. (ProfessionalEssayService, 2018)

Social Interaction

Online ClassesOffline Classes
Even though most of the time online classes seem to be more beneficial for the students, however, one major flaw of e-learning is that it diminishes social interaction.   Since students are at their homes all day long, they make valuable and strong networks and friendships that would go a long wayOffline classes have a competitive advantage here since they promote social interaction.   Team projects, working in groups, connecting with students of different classes is what makes a student active and brings them to notice.

Lack of hand-on experience

Online ClassesOffline Classes
Although online classes come with a great facility for the best online assignment writers, however, online learning does not support the practical experience since not all facilities can be rendered to each and every student in their homesWhereas, in offline classes, a uniform set-up is made in a single classroom where all the students gather and learn simultaneously thus, receiving the most valuable hands-on experience that would help them in their professional careers. (SaralStudy, 2020)


Aforementioned are a few yet detailed differences between online education and offline education which are subjective to each individual thus, can differ from person to person.

Through research and suggestions from the Healthcare Assignment Help, it is evaluated that online education is more favorable for higher studies i.e., secondary school and university students, as they are more discipline-oriented than the younger kids. Also, students above 18 years of age are less prone to develop health consequences than younger students.

Similarly, offline education is advantageous for younger kids since it allows them to become habitual of working and indulging in a different environment, explore, and learn from it.

Thus, ultimately it could be said that where online and offline studies are both suitable and have their own advantages and disadvantages, both of them are subject to changes with the individual. That is why students with higher levels should choose online learning and students in the primary section should opt for offline learning if they are given a chance.


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