New Mattress: Knowing the Pros and Cons

Getting information about your new purchase does not end in knowing the quality, the price, and the features. But it should go far beyond, like knowing the pros and cons of using each one of them. You likely choose among these popular and most recommended products, and thus this list will be an excellent guide to know each of their advantages and disadvantages :

Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress is a combination of innerspring coil and memory foam, either latex or gel. But like using any other best quality mattress, there are still disadvantages that you would encounter. check on this list and be informed:

  • Advantages:

Sleepers get to experience comfort and pressure relief because of the spring’s combined firmness and the softness of the foam. Hybrid mattress features spring support that helps lessen body pains. Its layers of foam increase air circulation that reacts to body heat and gives a more relaxed sleep. You can use it longer because it has a lifespan of about 7-10 years.

  • Disadvantages:

A hybrid mattress is a bit pricey compared to other types of mattresses. Its isolation feature is not superb, and its foam combination quickly deteriorates. Also, this type of mattress is heavy and difficult to move.

Organic Mattress

Organic mattresses are from green materials, commonly known as eco-friendly materials. They came from natural rubber, wool, and cotton materials. As the name implies, its materials are sustainable. But despite all these, there is still a drawback in using this type of mattress.

  • Advantages

Organic mattresses are all-natural and eco-friendly thus it is popular among environmentally conscious people. Sources of this type of mattress are cotton, wool, and rubber; thus, they are all-natural material. And because they are natural, they have no damaging effect on the environment. Likewise, these materials have limited exposure to off-smelling gas, although you still experience it but for only a short period.

These materials are biodegradable, sustainable, and chemical-free. And this means manufacturers do not use chemicals or pesticides in their production. It also does not use flame retardant that is typically applied to mattresses; thus, it is hypoallergenic and very suitable for people with allergies.

Further, when you buy this type of mattress, you are assured it is authentic because the manufacturer will provide you with a certification to guarantee that the material is genuine. 

  • Disadvantages

Organic mattresses are a bit pricey compared to other types. Since they are authentic natural materials, there are more processes to undergo during production. However, using it may come with a risk of fraud because such materials can be counterfeited and sold at the same price. Just be cautious with your sourcing and research before buying.

Airbed Mattress

  • Advantage

What’s good about this mattress is it is inflatable, with adjustable firmness as you desired. It is easy to use and easy to pack, and you can bring it into camping because it is not bulky when deflated. You can carry it quickly because it weighs less, also when deflated, it needs a little space for storage.

  • Disadvantage

While inflatability is its advantage, it can also become a disadvantage because you always need an air pump to inflate it. And inflating especially big-sized mattresses can be taxing when using a manual pump. Airbeds can not hold support to your back. When shared with somebody, you experience heavy motion transfer; it may not give you a high comfort level, especially when using it regularly.

Gel Mattress

  • Advantage

The gel mattress is made from gel-infused memory foam. The gel material is jelly-like and notably elastic material that gives a natural cooler, soothing and heat-diffusing effect. It is also comfortable because it supports the body and spine. You can use it for bed sharer because it has a limited motion transfer effect.

  • Disadvantage

Compared to other standard memory foam mattresses, a gel mattress is more pricey and heavier in weight. It has a strong off-smell that lasts a little longer. So if you intend to buy this type of mattress, make sure your room is well ventilated, especially if it still gives off strong off-smell.

Waterbed Mattress

  • Advantages

This bed type gives you a high comfort level and a relaxing and soothing sensation because of its water. It has an adjustable thermostat so that it can regulate the temperature. The warmer temperature helps improve blood circulation. The mattress is easy to clean and hypoallergenic.

  • Disadvantage

A waterbed is prone to leakage, and it gives an off-smelling odor because of the vinyl cover explicitly used for water beds. And it is a bit difficult to find suitable sheets because of the unconventional sizes.  


The products listed above are the most common purchases that almost anyone makes. But beyond the standard features and prices that you know, it is always wise to know the pros and cons of using them before buying. And since this is a valued purchase, knowing such information would greatly help you make a good and important decision that you would certainly not regret later.

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