Navajo ‘skinwalker’ mythology becomes viral on TikTok, Details explored!

TikTok users are showing an increased interest in the hashtag “skinwalker,” which already has over 600 million views and is still growing. It’s possible that seeing a video tagged with that term may give you shivers. Yet not all #skinwalker material is made by those versed in the folklore and background of these terrifying beings. Keep reading to find out the truth about skinwalkers, which differs greatly from the common myths in the United States.

What is a skinwalker?

An important part of Navajo mythology is the skinwalker. According to River City Ghosts, a skinwalker, also known as yee naaldlooshii is a kind of evil sorcerer who can assume the appearance of, or disguise oneself as, an animal. He crawls on all fours while saying yee naaldlooshii. It is believed that the majority of them may be found on reserves belonging to Native Americans. Clyde Kluckhohn, an anthropologist, interviewed Navajo people for his book Navaho Witchcraft. He claimed that skinwalkers were male witches working in secret inside the society. They only appeared outside at night, assuming the form of a wolf or coyote. He also said that when they did get together, it was usually somewhere spooky so that they could perform forbidden rites like incest, corpse desecration, and murder between themselves and their victims.

Skinwalkers gained widespread attention in the late 1990s

Before a family reported seeing a skinwalker in 1996, the Navajo community was the only place where the monster’s legend was discussed. Between the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservations in Utah, the Sherman family farmed 512 acres. The Ute Indians are the local indigenous people. Paranormal activity, it seems, had a long history in that region at the time, as detailed on While UFOs may have prompted the family’s departure, they weren’t the primary reason.

According to Terry Sherman, an enormous wolf appeared before him. The monster seemed unfazed by his repeated attempts to fire at it. The Shermans left once the word spread, and the new owners had similar, unsettling experiences soon after. The house, which is now being utilized for scientific purposes, has been appropriately dubbed Skinwalker Ranch. An investigative team ventures inside the creepy private property in the History Channel series The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.

Exploring Genuine Skinwalker Videos on TikTok

The Navajo continue to take the danger posed by the skinwalker extremely seriously. Videos staged or exaggerated and made by someone not a part of the community’s culture may be seen as offensive. Utilize the search terms “#navajotiktok” and “#navajoskinwalker” to get only authentic-looking results and ignore the fakes. Keep in mind, nevertheless, that not all Navajo artists are keen on exploring this territory. Most Navajos don’t talk about skinwalkers in public for fear of calling one, as Navajo creator Cheii Cage (@rez neck vet) says in the video above. Cheii counters by saying she and her husband have formed their own values and that they use talking about the animals on TikTok to assert their independence.

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