Moe Gotti Killed in Hit-and-Run, Death Cause – Is Suspect Identified?

Moe Gotti was born in the state of California. He was also known as Enrique Hernandez. Also, he was killed, and another person was seriously hurt yesterday morning when a motorbike and a pickup truck crashed in Cathedral City. The motorcycle’s driver ran away from the scene of the accident. Moe Gott was a great example of how to be a good parent, brother, and husband. As soon as people heard, they were devastated and started to talk about how sad they were. Also, his family and friends send their deepest condolences to the person he left behind who misses him. From what we know, the motorbike was going west on Ramon Road and was getting close to Crossley Road when it was hit by a pickup truck going east on Ramon Road and turning north from Ramon into Crossley.

Enrique Hernandez Killed In Alleged Hit & Run

Moe Gotti lived in California. He was also known as Enrique Hernandez. He was the one who died in what was thought to be a hut and run. The most reliable reports say that he was one of the people who died in the dangerous accident, which also seriously hurt another person. Jeffrey Barnett also said both victims were taken to Desert Regional Medical Center, where Moe Gotti died, and the passenger was in critical but stable condition.

Barnett says that the truck left the scene after the crash and was last seen going west on Ramon Road. The police gave us this information. Moe Gotti was also a great person, which is why he will always be remembered.

Also, law enforcement agencies are doing everything they can to determine who the suspect is. Even so, there hasn’t been any new information about this subject yet. We will make up the session we missed as soon as we have all the necessary information, no matter what happens. The people who work here would like to send their families their deepest condolences at this sad time.

The truth has come out about how old Moe Gotti is and what he does for a living

We guessed that Moe Gotti was between 35 and 40 years old based on the pictures of him on his social media accounts. Similarly, his exact age and place of birth have not been brought up to date yet. Not to mention that Gotti’s family probably hasn’t given out his private information because they care about his privacy. So, we’ll have to wait a little longer until we have more information.

Was Moe Gotti married? Did he have a wife?

Moe Gotti cared about his family. He was in a relationship and had four kids of his own. He was also married to Vanessa, and the two had four children whose names are still unknown based on what can be found on the web. He was not only a friend, a husband, and a father, but he also started a big movement that had a huge impact on the world of bullying.

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