Mileage Stopper the best way to correct the numbers

There are several alternatives to modify the real mileage, one of the most popular was the rolling process. Rolling mileage is zeroing the mileage on the speedometer. But the procedure has a considerable drawback since winding up the readings has limitations and can affect all the electronic components of the car. Therefore, the real mileage is easily revealed during diagnostics, which can lead to very unpleasant consequences.

However, software engineers have created a device that allows car owners to stop the run, being confident that real readings will remain unavailable during verification. Mileage Stopper is the best decision.

Features of an innovative device

The Mileage Stopper is a filter placed between the speedometer and a harness of wires suitable for it. It can be placed behind the dashboard. When connecting, no soldering iron intervention is required — the connector is installed into the dashboard. The stop filter will allow the user to independently regulate its functioning.

The Mileage Stopper is known as a mileage blocker or odometer plug. This is a device that can stop the mileage counter. It blocks the mileage information, so it does not reach the odometer. It works as a digital mediator between the vehicle and its instruments.

Important moments

Such a device is designed to temporarily stop the mileage count. A car owner can stop the odometer and resume its work with a special secret combination of buttons. He can do this as many times as he likes:

  • Mileage will freeze in all blocks of the car.
  • Fits most modern cars.

Installation of Mileage Stopper does not require exceptional knowledge, and a person can do it himself. In order for the device to work correctly, he can contact a specialized service. There they will pre-configure all the electronic units of the car and then connect the device. It is tested before being delivered to the customer.


Stopping the run is the best solution for modern cars:

  • The stop filter to stop mileage on vehicles works on all models.
  • Connecting a speed filter on any model takes 30 minutes.
  • If a person wants, then he can easily do it himself.
  • Removing the filter will not affect the current mileage data.

The Mileage Stopper is concealed. It is easy to dismantle it if the need arises. The operation does not require any special skills from the car owner. Everyone can supervise the mileage and adjust it so that the system works in normal mode, half the mileage, or stop it completely. A user can manipulate the device using the buttons installed on the steering wheel.

The dashboard displays the actions of the filter, which makes it possible to monitor whether the device is active and adjust its operation.

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