Man jumps to his death from Memphis overpass, horrified onlookers and drivers, Details discussed

A video of a man jumping over a Memphis bridge has gone viral, provoking widespread outrage. Terrifying footage of a guy jumping from the I-40 Bridge in Memphis has gone viral on social media. A Facebook user commented to the Memphis suicide video with, seeing the footage of the guy leaping from the bridge was upsetting, but now my stomach is knotted. Some of us may think we have it hard with what’s going on in our life, but there’s someone worse off than you, and what you’re going through doesn’t even compare.

Details suggest that on April 5, 2022, a video depicting a driver approaching the I-40 Bridge in Sam Cooper, Memphis, began circulating on social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. A person crossing the sting of the bridge caught the attention of drivers who had their mobile phone cameras trained on the structure. They zoomed in and caught on tape what may have been a deliberate suicide attempt.

Drivers’ phones capture a guy jumping from a bridge and landing on the street below

It seems they uploaded the footage to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, where hundreds saw it of curious onlookers were. You can find all you need to know about the viral video and the event here on NewPakWeb. We can’t embed the video for legal reasons, but you can see him jumping over the Memphis Bridge on Twitter by clicking here. Viewers should use caution.

Motorists were scared when a guy leapt from a Memphis bridge

The fine print indicates that on April 5th, a horrific incident happened in Memphis when a man leapt to his death from the highest point of a Memphis bridge. Multiple videos on social media show a person standing on an overpass for many minutes. From several vantage points, a lone individual is seen standing along a line of parked cars next to Interstate 40 in Sam Cooper. People were holding their breath as they videotaped the incident on their phones, and a few even prayed or begged out loud for the subject to get down from the stage. Then, in a shocking turn of events, you witnessed the individual jump from the bridge and land on the pavement below, where cars were passing quickly. We will not include the video in this post, but many who saw the tragedy as it unfolded were shocked and saddened by what they saw. A selection of responses is shown in the screenshot below.

Many criticised individuals who posted the video online

Soon after the event was reported on many social media video feeds, the Memphis Police Division issued a second warning noting that Interstate 40 near Sam Cooper may be blocked due to a fatality investigation. According to WREG in Memphis, the closure was caused by a person who leapt from the bridge. A person was reported to have leapt from an overpass in Memphis around 4:15 p.m. and transferred to Regional One Hospital. The military eventually called it the “death probe.”

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