Make class 8 mathematics fun to learn:

Class 8th is considered to be one of the most important standards in the school life of a student. This is because the curriculum of class 8th is intended to help a student make effective preparations in order to get promoted to further classes. Moreover, the concepts which are being taught in the respective classes of the class 8th are found to have immense importance in many aspects.

Hence it is important for students to have a crystal-clear knowledge about the basics and fundamentals of the topics of class 8th, and also build a strong foundation of the concepts of mathematics of class 8th. Mathematics in class 8th, consisting of graph plotting, linear equations, geometry and many more formulae; and so it is advised to the students to have a clear understanding of these concepts as they have immense importance as they help the student to be prepared effectively for competitive exams like JEE and NEET.

Hence, in order to score better marks, it must be ensured by the students that they are well familiarized with each and every concept and chapter. Also, it is necessary to have a clear idea about the pattern of the question paper, weightage from each chapter as well as the fundamentals; as this will be helpful to make effective and efficient preparations.

To achieve excellence in class 8th, there are certain strategies that one can follow in order to score exceptionally. But, the smartest strategy is to be aware of the given guidelines by the CBSE. Also, the textbooks which are developed and published by NCERT are found to be of immense help for the students, as they provide the concepts in a lucid manner of explanation. The RS Aggarwal Class 8 Maths Chapter 10 Ex 10.1 is available online which gives detailed explanations to each and every problem and question. The materials which have been included in the NCERT textbooks are designed to efficiently cover every topic considered important. These books ensure that the students become independent regarding their education, as they can study the concepts all by themselves; provided a little effort and guidance from the professionals. Also, the textbooks developed and provided by NCERT are of immense importance because of the facts that;

  1. These books are developed by the subject experts of the respective subject, and also they ensure that all the students are able to understand the correct explanation of the contents.
  2. The solutions provided are designed in such a way that they make sure that students do not miss anything.
  3. They provide important questions, which are important from the exam point of view, and also they are often asked in competitive examinations too.
  4. The solutions that are provided, are framed in such a manner that they highlight the actual context to the chapter from which the question is being asked.

Moreover, there are some strategies or tips which are often advised to the students to follow, for increasing their performance in preparations. Some of them are:

  1. Make an effective time-table:

A well-constructed timetable is of immense help as it ensures that the preparations are going accordingly with the desired goal. A proper timetable should be efficient enough to track and alert about the scheduled tasks, thereby helping to become more organized. Thus, not only the timetable helps in better preparation, but it also enhances the time- management skills; both of which are important during exam hours. 

  1. Developing time-management skills:

Proper time management is necessary to finish the question paper well ahead of the last minutes. This tends to reduce stress as well as the hassles which can be often seen during the few hours remaining of the examination time limit. Moreover, a proper timetable and the skill of time-management go hand-in-hand.

  1. Practice regularly:

Practice makes a man perfect”; thus every student must ensure that they manage some time to focus on practising the sample questions and also the example questions, which are provided at the back of each chapter. Unlike other subjects, maths requires regular practice and efforts to understand the concepts clearly and firmly hold onto them for a long time. Thus, practising maths regularly is often necessary.

  1. Focus on the main topics:

There are many topics which are important according to the examination point of view. Thus, emphasis must be given to these main topics, as they are of high weightage in the examinations. Students must focus on understanding the concepts, rather than simply learning and memorizing them. Hence, each and every chapter must be treated as important, and one must have a clear understanding of the concepts of each.

  1. Referring to the NCERT textbooks:

Since the NCERT textbooks are prepared with strict adherence to the latest CBSE curriculum, it is the smartest choice to follow the NCERT textbooks more compared to other books. Also, the NCERT textbooks have a simple language of presentation, which makes learning them much easier as well as one can easily relate it with the practical world. Thus, stick with NCERT.

  1. Solve papers more often:

It is a smart preparation method, by solving the question paper, be it from the previous years or sample papers. This ensures that the students get to know about the kind of questions to be expected, as well as the pattern in which they are framed. Hence, the practice of solving question papers has many benefits, from helping a student to develop his time management to have an idea regarding the pattern of question to be expected.

In conclusion, it can be advised that in order to perform excellently in class 8 as well as have crystal clear knowledge of the concepts; it is necessary to ensure that a student gives efforts to incorporate these mentioned strategies. Also, NCERT is the key to better preparation and hence, one must follow the NCERT textbooks more than the other textbooks. Also, class 8th mathematics has much importance in the upcoming further standards, and thus the student must ensure to have his/her doubts cleared at the 8th standard itself, so as to have better understanding in the upcoming standards.

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