Little-Known Slot Mistakes You Should Avoid

A lot of people love playing slot games but don’t realize that they’re doing it wrong. We’ve researched some little-known mistakes UK gamblers make with the help of our expert, Alexandra Vasilkova, a copywriter and avid poker player. Here are the common issues we found: 

Not Doing Any Research

Most people don’t bother to research before jumping in to play. You let your excitement get the best of you, and don’t read online slots reviews or even learn the specific game rules. While this decision is understandable, it’s a bad practice. 

How Research Helps You

The UK has regulations that help ensure fair gambling. However, that doesn’t mean that different types of casino games will all give you the same chance of winning. Plus, some of its laws are still outdated when it comes to internet gaming and are constantly changing. 

Looking at reviews will help you determine if a slot is worth playing. You’ll find important information like the Casino’s RTP that can tell your odds. More importantly, these articles talk about player experience. Watch out for slots with a lot of complaints. 

Learn the Rules

If you’re playing slot machines with simple designs, you can probably get away with not reading the rules. However, knowing all the requirements allows you to take advantage of unique features. Slots with jackpots may have specifications you must meet to win. 

Familiarize Yourself With RTP

Before betting on a slot, research the title’s RTP, as well as the casino’s. This data tells you how much cash returns to you. It’s calculated over long periods, so higher percentages mean more significant winnings less frequently, while lower ones will give smaller prizes more consistently. 

Playing as Fast as Possible

One common misconception is that the faster you play a slot, the more money you’ll win. Sure, speed can increase the number of spins you make per hour. More spins mean more chances to win, right? 

Here’s the problem: the more you play, the more you bet. Slot machines are designed with a house edge. So, if you wager more in a game, you’re going to lose more. 

Not Utilizing Bonuses

Most casinos offer bonuses to entice you to choose their site. These promotions can help shift the odds in your favour. Slots are casino money-makers with some of the highest house advantages, ranging between five to ten percent. 

If you’re going to play slots, you’ll need to combat this edge with bonuses. Most casinos offer slot promotions that are at least 100% of your deposit. Remember, all rewards aren’t equal, and you’ll need to sift through the requirements carefully. 

Take Advantage of Jackpot Rewards

Another way to tip the odds in your favour is only to play slots that offer jackpot rewards. It may be unlikely that you’ll land one of these massive wins, but the chance is there. Plenty of people have done it, and who knows, you might too. 

Reducing Active Paylines When Your Money Runs Low

Some slot machines let you change how many paylines are active. Many people think that reducing them when you’ve lost most of your money will keep the rest of your funds safe. However, that isn’t true. 

The more paylines you activate, the higher your RTP is. The most winning combos are possible when all paylines are active. When you deactivate some, you make some reels ineligible for prizes.

Sure, you’ll have a slightly smaller chance of losing money. However, having fewer paylines will radically reduce your winning odds. Instead, consider switching to a game where the minimum wagers cost less.

This tactic will allow you to spend less money per spin without reducing the RTP. You could also decide to call it quits for the day. There’s no shame in walking away when you realize that you’re having a bad run. In fact, it’s actually an effective strategy. 


Now you know some of the most common mistakes:

  • Not researching
  • Playing as fast as you can
  • Not taking advantage of promotions
  • Reducing the number of active paylines 

Avoiding doing any of these will increase your skills at playing slots. Next time you spin the reel, remember these tips and watch the incredible results!

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