Leading Areas of Technical Professions and their Requirements

As technology deepens its roots in every sector, more professional learning fields appear in the tech arena. Due to the increasing competition in industries and high enrollments in tech studies, it has become ever-bewildering for students to choose an ideal profession. According to a CareerBuilder survey, the number of students completing a degree in computer science and technology has grown nearly by 50 percent during the past decade. These indicators suggest that the current tech revolution will make it more crucial for the students to decide for themselves the right tech profession in the days ahead. 

A degree in technology and science can open countless opportunities for students, leading to high-paid jobs in diverse areas. This article will discuss the best professions in the technical realm based on reliable information from websites such as GlassDoor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and several others.

1 – Sales Engineer 

The job outlook of sales engineers in the tech industry has grown by 35 percent in the previous year. Also, they are one of the highest-paid tech professionals, with a median wage of $96,000.

Since all industries globally are now relying heavily on tech tools and software for their businesses, sales engineers’ prospects have grown exponentially. Their growth rate is almost five times greater than other professionals selling computer hardware or software are.

An individual with a technical background, having a degree in business or science field are generally preferred by organizations. Adequate communication skills, product knowledge, and a self-motivated attitude are essential for growth in this arena. Also, sales engineers with either a MEM Degree or a Bachelor’s in computer Science find it easier to excel in their area.

2 – Software Developer

The job outlook for software developers has increased by 22 percent, where their median wage could go up to $102,850 annually, according to the BLS survey, 2020.

Also, the need for constant innovation and experiments in the tech sector has provided a tremendous boost to software developers’ prospects. The demand for new, customer-friendly mobile and web apps has been the most detrimental factor for the boom in software development careers.

Not all software developers are responsible for developing and designing software applications; many manage back-end security and maintenance positions. To kick-start your career as a software developer, you would need at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

3 – Information Security Analyst 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (USA), the job outlook for Information Security Analysts was 37 percent in 2020. Currently,their median wage is around $88,800.

With an overwhelming influx of data in our daily lives, rising breaches in IT security systems have become an alarming concern for organizations worldwide. More than one billion data systems were infiltrated by cybercriminals in the past year, according to Gemalto.

The rapid rise in data security breaches illustrates the critical need for more skilled information security analysts. Typically, an information security analyst needs strong programming skills and a master’s in cybersecurity management.

4– Computer Systems Analyst

Through the year 2020, the job prospect for Computer Systems analysts has increased exponentially by 25 percent, while their annual wage is around $83,000.

The primary responsibility of a Computer System Analyst is to design, install, and oversee the computer systems in various operations of a firm. Areas such as cloud computing, management of information systems, mobile technology have elevated the demand for computer systems analysts in the tech sector.

Individuals who are looking to pursue a career as a computer system analyst must possess at least a bachelor’s in computer technology, with sufficient managerial skills.

5– Web Developer

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual wage of web developers is around $63,000. The niche of web developers divides further into three categories, web designer and webmasters.

Generally, a web designer creates the UI/UX of the website and ensures that its layout complies with the client’s requirements.

A webmaster looks after the back-end operations of the website during its business. He is responsible for integrating and maintaining vital web elements, such as SEO tools, SSL certificates, payment gateway, etc. As the name suggests, a web developer or architect develops a website from scratch that involves extensive coding and testing.

Usually, a web developer requires a minimum bachelor’s degree in computer science with majors in any specific coding language.

6 – Data Scientist

As of 2020, the median wage of a data scientist is around $118,500. Although the job outlook for data scientists is currently unrevealed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Harvard Business School terms it as the hottest job of the 21st century. The main reason for this is the fast-growing requirements for professionals who could evaluate and process big data for organizational benefits. Data scientists funnel data and enable organizations to make critical business decisions with surgical precision.

Perhaps, their highly versatile skills and instrumental knowledge in data processing make them one of the most in-demand professionals of the current era. As the Burtch Works report states, data scientists’ expert level category is valued at approximately $250,000 annually.

7– Information Technology Manager 

With a median annual wage of around $127,500, IT managers have one of the most crucial tech industry roles. Information technology managers come with various tags such as Chief IT Officers, IT Director, Chief Technology Officers, IT security heads, and many others.

Typically, an IT manager must overlook the tasks and operations of the IT department of a firm. To qualify for this position, an individual must possess a bachelor’s in IT, preferably with an MBA, to excel further in his domain.

8 – Computer Research Scientist

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual wage of computer research scientists is approximately $108,000. Getting to the level of a computer research scientist is the most difficult in the entire tech industry. It requires a minimum Ph.D. level qualification in computer science for candidates to enter the pool. Individuals performing their services as computer research scientists create new algorithms for tech giants to base their new invention or data analysis.

The Bottom Line

The utility of technology is growing fast in every industry across the globe. But besides the bright prospects of jobs in tech sectors, the educational competition to get a decent job in this sector will also increase rapidly. Thus, you must get reliable knowledge on your subject of interest and evaluate your interpersonal skills before jumping to something conclusive.

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