Is Tom Holland the new doctor who? April fools’ pranks that win fans’ hearts, Details discussed!

On the second day of April, people are still being fooled by hoaxes posted on the first. Even though April Fools’ Day has passed, several hilarious hoaxes are still making the rounds online. Deliveroo has declared that it would no longer deliver pineapple pizzas, while Walkers has introduced a new product called Sandwich Crisps. It was reported online that Tom Holland would be taking up the role of Doctor Who, but to the dismay of fans everywhere, the news was a cruel April Fool’s joke.

Tom Holland Is The New Spider-Man

The announcement that Spider-Man actor Tom Holland will be taking up the role of Doctor Who started circulating on Twitter on April 1. This whole thing began with a hoax story on a website dedicated to the British science fiction program DoctorWhoTV. The BBC, Sony Pictures, and Bad Wolf have announced that Tom Holland, 25 years old, will portray the Doctor in the next TV series. The actor was billed as a very new and current approach in the tale, making him ideal for the clean slate relaunch of the program. Next year, in 2023, after the 60th-anniversary specials have aired, Holland will debut.

Those false interviews show it all right up!

Intensely alluring until you read the post, which ranked first on Google and seemed credible. Those phony interviews should have been enough to tell you that this was all an April Fools’ scam. I can’t wait to introduce a whole new group of people to the wonders of travelling across space and time. Pretty soon, I’ll be ready to go full throttle! Are you going to be picking up the sonic? Taking a big swing? Tom would never make such a serious remark with such lame gags. According to rumours, David Tennant confirmed the claim as well. On the other hand, Andrew Garfield said, “I am 100% NOT playing the buddy.” The whole thing is a load of hoax, yet it managed to trick many people on social media, many of whom secretly hope that Tom Holland will end up being the new Doctor Who.

Clever April Fools’ Jokes Played on Avid Followers

According to the source, the BBC, Sony Pictures, and Bad Wolf have all confirmed that 25-year-old Tom Holland would portray the Doctor in the next film. The actor was portrayed as a strikingly novel and cutting-edge strategy for the “fresh start relaunch of the program” in the compelling narrative. The statement said that Holland will deliver his presentation in 2023, after a few specials broadcast as part of the 60th-anniversary celebrations. David Tennant reportedly confirmed the rumour by saying, “Yes, it’s real.” Despite what you may have heard, I am, in fact, present at this farewell event. Andrew Garfield clarified, “I am NOT playing the friend.” Even though it is all a fabrication, many people were duped into thinking that Tom Holland would be the next Doctor Who on social media.

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