Is Gold a Good Choice as a Wedding or Engagement Ring?

The Incas find it as “the tears of the sun” and for Homer, it is the glory of the immortals. For us, the lesser known mortals, it is just gold. But those among us to take a nuptial vow are no less than the immortals. That is why gold finds a deeper meaning in the wedding ceremony. Gold has a long-standing connection with weddings. In some ways, they mirror each other. Gold is for purity that marks the beginning of joining of hearts. And, the ring, entwines them.

That is why the demand for a gold engagement ring or wedding ring would never falter. Unless, the mine stops producing gold. The bling that the ring brings is enchanting. It has captured so many hearts of both grooms and brides.

Why is gold so good?

We share a long bond with gold and it is not just for any random reason. Each factor has its own story to share. For instance,

  • It is easily moldable- This gives you an advantage of shaping it as per you liking
  • You can add color- Gold rings are metal alloys. With each metal, it creates a different hue, which increases its appeal
  • It is a sign of prosperity- Its financial value is immense that is why a gold ring is a matter of pride
  • It prevents negative energy- It depends on your belief but no one wants to start a new life with a negative energy around

What are the types?

Gold has its own shine. But when it teams up with other metals, it improves its options. Each one has a tale to tell. You just have to know what would suit your love the best. A little googling can save you a lot of time. Take one measured step at a time and it would be a cake walk.

But before settling for the right one, just decide 18-karat or 14-karat. The former has 75% purity and produces an unmatchable glow. The latter is a compromise on glow but is sturdier. It contains around 50% gold and is cost-effective.

If you consider color, then there are three types of gold

  •         White gold
  •         Yellow gold
  •         Rose gold


White Gold

Checking out something contemporary and modern, then white gold is the one. Its popularity grew with the GIs wearing it as an alternative for platinum during the Second World War. White gold wedding bands have the same mirror-like sheen of the platinum and its silver hue is often jaw dropping. It is a mix of yellow gold and palladium (a major component among other white metals).

But there is a catch. No doubt, it has a great appeal but it is not as sturdy as platinum. That is a slight problem. It also needs proper cleaning and polishing to make its luster last long. If it contains nickel, then the chances of skin irritation become higher.

People often go for it due to its sophistication. The cool look has a gleam that makes it stand out.

Yellow Gold

If you are looking for something timeless, something traditional, then the best option is yellow gold. Its association with weddings has a long story. And, it probably went back to millennia. Simple engravings or a matching pairing with a precious gemstone can work wonder with this yellow ring. Yellow has the capacity to blend with any design. People with darker complexion can really don it well. It is also the most malleable, which assists jewelers to give it a well-defined shape. If you want to resize it later, you can do it easily.

Rose Gold

The color has a soft romantic tone. It is the doing of copper. For men, this shade can add a vintage touch. But some may find it a bit feminine. But since its appearance in the nineteenth century, it has been winning hearts in many ways. Not just the ring, the color is even becoming popular. People are often opting for this one when it comes to style their hair.

This one is the strongest of all and is the best choice for those who are not allergic to copper.

Revealed by Statistics

When it comes to white gold, in 2017, 61% of the brides went for this one. This can give you a hint about what ring to buy for your bride. When it comes donning an engagement ring, there is a sharp rise in the number of men. Over 66% would love to sport one. Such a huge rise in the demand shows how daunting the task of choosing the ring is becoming for the bride.


From asking to marry to saying ‘I do’ and then beyond, wedding is a journey for two pure hearts. Nothing can define it as well as a gold ring.  

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