Is Gambling in Portugal An Expensive Move-Time or Responsible Pleasure?

People are all different when it comes to the fine details in life. Favourite dishes, books, movies and even how they relate to others. There are, however, broader things that connect most of us, moving millions into the same direction, even if at times we react and feel different about it.

Having fun is a human trait, and one that is often disregarded in a time when succeeding in life seems all too important. With gambling being one of the key definitions of fun, it’s important to know whether this is an expensive move-time or, otherwise, a responsible pleasure.

Martim Nabeiro (you can read more about the author and what he’s been up to lately right here) takes us on a tour around the reality of gambling in Portugal and whether it’s only reserved to some lucky few or, in fact, it’s a pleasure at anyone’s reach.

Keeping it Together

As with anything in life, attitude is key and we all have moments when, for one reason or another, things get out of hand. It’s therefore essential to understand the effects of gambling on the brain beforehand and how to ensure that time spent playing is nothing other than fun.

The first step is definitely picking the best from the rest. In that sense, casino de Portugal is the place to drop by and where reviews, advice and details on games can help players make up their minds. Most importantly, it’s possible to find advice about responsible gaming, how it all works and how to steer away from any issues.

A Little Pocket Money

The link between gambling and dopamine is real. Just as with high-profile athletes, winning delivers a special feeling and one that can easily become addictive. If it takes a hold of you, unlike athletes and their will to break records or score goals, it can lead to no good.

The most relevant thing to consider is your own money. Whenever something that should remain a pleasure and purely a fun activity starts picking on your pocket, give it a second thought. Play with what you can afford to lose and don’t go over it on your mind should you lose it.

Winning or losing some pocket money is all it should be about, and therefore, the more responsible you are about the way you manage your emotions and money, the better.

The Portuguese Reality

Portugal’s online casino industry is still in its early days, with more and better brands rising. Now is the perfect time to consider why is gambling addictive, since in the future, we’ll keep witnessing a rise in advertising, promotions and irresistible offers.

Those that have played for a while or that are just starting at the moment will know best about bonuses, games on offer, what serves them best and what they can ignore.

Even though gambling is now on the rise in Portugal with several other areas tying closer links to it, it’s still the case where most people either don’t know how they feel about it, or they’re very cautious on their approach.

Expensive or Responsible?

As people become more aware of the effects of gambling on the brain through experience, it should become more relevant how playing can be both exciting and an issue – if you let it.

Being responsible when playing at a casino is therefore paramount. The initial attitude should be sustained over time, aiming at having fun and focusing on the excitement at play and not at the result, whatever it may be. With scientific evidence of a link between gambling and dopamine, it’s up to the player to perceive the effects of each game and each result. If you find yourself chasing losses, increasing acceptable time limits and overlooking personal and social responsibilities, then you know you’ve crossed your own boundaries.

Approaching the issue of why gambling addiction is essential to ensure both players and casinos can build a long-term and fruitful relationship that benefits all parties. Not only should the player be able to know exactly the risks derived from their own attitude and behaviour, but also realize there are mechanisms at disposal to take them back to a safer place.

As with anything, gambling in Portugal is as expensive or as responsible as a gambler’s ability to ensure their time at play is merely for what it should be – having fun!

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