Is CBD Oil Effective for Horses?

The use of cannabis as a medicinal plant has been evident since the year 3000 BC. Asian countries started to use cannabis medically as anesthesia because of its properties to numb the body. Others used it for food and even made materials such as ropes, shoes, clothes, etc. As years pass by, many people abuse the use of a cannabis plant because of its psychoactive ingredient. You can visit the page to find out more about it:

Hemp is a plant from the Cannabis Sativa family, although it is a relative of marijuana, hemp is mostly used as an industrial item because of its low level of THC. The element cannabidiol or rather known as CBD is one of the hundreds of elements found in the family of cannabis – it is completely safe to intake or use externally in our bodies.

The other element found in industrial hemp is THC (also known as Tetrahydrocannabinol) – the said element has a strong psychoactive compound that gets consumers hyperactive when overused or without control of usage.

Has It Become Legal?

Yes, it has become legal since December of 2018 because the president has finally approved the 2018 Farm Bill as to be passed as a law. It is important to know about the difference between CBD and THC and the special elements they bring.

The federal government imposed a strict rule on using industrial hemp with 0.3 percentage of THC in it, people have been abusing the use of cannabis in the past years and made the government alarmed with its addiction to the human race.

As good as it sounds, not everyone has the chance to grow their hemp plant in their backyards. The hemp farmers are required to acquire a license from the government to cultivate hundreds of hemp plants on their farmland.

What Are The Effects Of It To My Horse?

All animals are special in their kind of way and have a different role in the world. Though there are a lot of tests done on animals and humans, the effects of CBD for horses have not yet been clarified. Don’t worry because you can go or visit horse page to find out more and discover it yourself. Hence, there is no greater power than knowledge.

Many industries have incorporated CBD with other special products. The dosage of each product somehow depends on the size and weight of consumers. Products such as salves, gummies, bath bombs, lip bombs, etc. that humans could consume are already out in the market, meanwhile, many businesses ventured out to come up with CBD oils that are specialized to humans and animals such as horses, cats, and dogs. 

Is It Healthy To Use?

The government-funded millions of dollars to find the best potential effects CBD can offer to the human race. There are already a lot of tests done by researchers that came out with positive feedback. Thus it is completely safe to use on both humans and animals. These products are what the manufacturers promised: 100% vegan, completely safe for digestion, and no artificial ingredients added to it during production. 

Here are some points on why you should consult to a veterinarian first before giving it out to animals and the side effects it will affect them:

  • Dryness of mouth
  • Dizziness
  • A possibility for kidney failure

Beyond the side effects of it to horses, there are still good effects for consuming it. This is why you should only buy products on trusted websites that offer completely a hundred percent safe and natural made CBD-based products:

  • Improves metabolism
  • Enhances digestion and food intake
  • Reduces pain, stress, and anxiety
  • An excellent function of the immune system

We need to know about giving dosages to our horses. Have a veterinarian check up on your horse before giving it to your horse. As results are found fascinating, like other medicinal drugs there are side effects to it. We wouldn’t want our horses to suffer badly on the side effects of CBD oil to their immune system.

In giving out CBD oil to your horses, you could mix it on their food or beverages.  Horses need special treatments and caretakers give them attention to tend to their needs because of their massive body size. It is also important to give them plenty of clean water and let them exercise daily!

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