Increasing Energy Efficiency At Home

Increasing energy efficiency in your home will help you to enjoy better energy usage at a lower cost. When power is not being utilized optimally in the home, you tend to spend more on electricity bills. Most homeowners, just notice that their energy bill is going up, without knowing why. A lot of energy can be wasted in your home when things are not put in place properly. This is why it is important to increase energy efficiency at home. This article highlights useful tips to increase energy efficiency in your home.

Tips To Increase Energy Efficiency At Home

These tips are very simple and straightforward processes that you can carry out with the help of your loved ones. So asides from increasing your energy efficiency through these tips, it can also serve as bonding time with your friends and family. Below are some of the tips.

  • Check Your Windows and Doors: Your windows and doors usually determine how much power you spend on regulating the temperature in the home. Without an airtight seal, you can be sure to use up more energy. As a result, it is important that you check for drafts in your windows and doors. There is a simple method for this that involves the use of candles. Simply hold a candle around the window or door, if there is a flicker then there is a draft that needs to be fixed. If you have confirmed that there are drafts, you should proceed to seal them. There are a number of methods available for this, you can make use of a door sweep, caulking or weatherstripping. For cold months, an exterior window film is also suitable.
  • Make Use of Ceiling Fans: Ceiling fans consume less power than air conditioners and are great options to have in bedrooms. After air conditioning your room during the day, you can save energy by using the ceiling fan at night. What is more? Ceiling fans have the reverse feature that makes them a great appliance to have, during the cold months. Using this option, hot air is circulated around the room to create warmth.
  • Use Large Appliances In The Evening: The reason for this is very simple, using these appliances in the evening will ensure that you regulate usage. Most times, you will have no other task at this point, ensuring that you turn these appliances off once you are done with them. These large appliances include a dishwasher, dryer and washer. You can use them on weekends if you are usually busy in the evening.
  • Put Up A Clothesline: A clothesline will save you valuable energy that is spent on cloth dryers. The best part of it is that the clothesline is effective in both cold and warm weather. In the warm months, you can put the cloth dryer outdoor. In the cold months, you can set it up inside the home.


You can also contact a level 2 electrician to carry out an energy audit in your home. This audit will help you to determine where more efficiency can be achieved.

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