Improving Indoor Air Quality through Duct Cleaning Mississauga

It feels cozy being home, away from the cold in the winter or the scorching sun in summer. However, this is different for people with allergies and respiratory problems because their cold winter and hot summer days are better spent outside. Your heating system can be a reason for increased dust and mold spores in the air, causing allergies to your family members. The best solution for this is duct cleaning Mississauga.

It might not be possible to open the doors and windows in cold winters, so the pollen will continue to circulate. If you notice this, consider carrying of duct cleaning Mississauga and emphasize on thorough cleaning of the HVAC system for the safety of your family.

  1. You Won’t Know The Problem Until You Look

Most times, things or air causing respiratory problems is odorless and clean when you look. Therefore, you are less likely to know that the air you are breathing has pollen or other elements causing allergies.

You will know there is a problem when a family member falls sick or has more asthma attacks than normal. Fatigue and sleepiness is another indicator of dirty air, and some people will have digestive problems.

Winters have worse indoor air quality because there is no good air circulation. Poor air circulation in winter means more allergens are trapped in the house, hence more respiratory problems.

  1. Improve The Quality Of Air

Making an effort to improve indoor air quality through duct cleaning Mississauga can help reduce asthma attacks and allergies and keep your family comfortable. It is not possible to stop all the allergens from circulating in the house, but you can reduce them by making some changes to the air you breathe and your HVAC system.

  1. Keep The House Clean

A clean house is a healthy house. Dust out the furniture, carpets, and curtains. This reduces the dust particles in the air, improving its quality. Ensure there is also no mold growth on the walls and any wet areas in the house. Check for ceiling leaks because they lead to mold growth.

The best way to dust off the carpets and furniture is by using a vacuum. This way, there will be no dust left in the air because the vacuum sucks it all. Clean the carpets at least once or twice a week. And more often if you have pets.

Clean the bedding and couches regularly if you have pets because they attract allergens. Buy dust-mite-proof covers for pillows and mattresses so that the pets don’t leave anything around. Also, ensure your house is free from clutter. It keeps dust, and this can cause allergies. Also, do not forget Mississauga duct cleaning.

  1. Keep Plants Outside

Indoor plants are decorative, but they quickly get mold and can be a breeding zone. If your family suffers allergies, keep them safe by removing all the indoor plants. Plants produce oxygen which helps improve your indoor quality air. However, the indoor plants will create more problems.

  1. Change The Filters

Air filters need to be changed regularly. Keeping them for a long time will have them releasing all the dust they have trapped into the air, which causes respiratory problems. Electrostatic filters trap dust and other air irritants to stop them from circulating in the home. Ensure the ducts are also cleaned to get rid of the dust.

  1. Buy An Air Purifier

If you cannot control the cause of your indoor allergens like pets through duct cleaning Mississauga, it is advisable to invest in an air purifier. Install the purifier in the most commonly used rooms to capture any irritants from the air. Although the purifier won’t trap all the allergens, it will reduce them hence fewer allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

Ensure you also dehumidify in the damp areas, like in the basement. This helps to prevent the growth of mold because the basements are moist. Also, scrub the walls of the bathrooms to ensure there is no breeding zone for mold. Keep its windows open for air circulation.

  1. Keep The Windows Open

Winters are cold, and everyone wants to stay warm. You can open the windows once in a while to allow air circulation in the house.

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