How to study in the United States

Many of us aspire to study in USA. The educational system in US follows a pattern which is quite similar to that of other countries: 

  1. Early childhood which is the kindergarten stage
  2.  Primary school 
  3. Middle school 
  4. Secondary school 
  5. Post-secondary or college education 

Most educational policies are decided at the state as well as local levels. The federal government’s role is very limited in the field of education. However, there are few steps which you might have to undergo to study in a university of college in the US: 

  1. Research your options: Post-secondary education consists of six-degree levels such as the associate bachelor, first professional, master, advanced intermediate and lastly the research doctorate. The US system does not offer a second doctorate. Instead, it offers postdoctoral research programs. You need to find an educational advising center in your country to guide you. Finding a student exchange or visitor program is also beneficial. 
  2. Finance your studies: The US does not provide you with any loans or grants for international studies. As an international student, you will have to figure out alterative sources of funding for yourself. This might include getting a loan in your home country. However, you will be given scholarships or grants if you apply for it. Exchange programs also provide assistance with funding for international students. 
  3. Complete your application: The US colleges and universities establish their own admission requirements. This includes third-party standardized tests. You need to follow the application requirements which are set by the admissions office of the institution that you are interested in. you might have to take one or more standardized tests so plan your tests in advance so the scores are available when you submit your application. 
  4. Apply for your visa: Before you can apply for a visa, you need to be chosen by a US institution of higher education which will be certified by the SEVP. You will be granted a student visa. You will also have to prepare yourself for a visa appointment. This is one of the crucial stages. Once you have your visa in hand, nothing can stop you after that. 
  5. Prepare for departure: Explore your resources before you plan on moving to the States. Find out how to get started, arrival as well as your stay in the US. Learn about the American holidays and other useful information about the country. Find out more information about the students and exchange visitors. Get quick facts for short term visitors or students. Learn English and improve your basic reading and writing skills. 

These are some of the steps you will have to follow before you decide to study in USA. These steps are like your guiding force. Make sure you plan all your tests in advance. All you have to do next is fill out the applications. Once this is done the next few steps will go by in a blur. 

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