How to structure and plan your academic essay?

Essay writing is the most challenging task for some students because it is not just a simple writing, it requires a perfect structure and plan to write. Even, sometimes it makes students totally irritating, they even want to skip it, but sometimes essay writing tasks become mandatory to pass the course.

Have you ever wondered why teachers focus on essay writing tasks? Reason is because essay writing is a learning process. It means to try something that help students to raise issues in their courses with their experiences or way of thinking. It also enhances the research, thinking skills among the students.

Therefore, students can’t even take it lightly and have to spend enough time on it to make it much better and it will only become better when a student have enough knowledge about its structure and plan. So, don’t worry, here you will get all the information that can make good enough in writing an academic essay.

Structure of an essay

Before proceeding to the structure, make sure to include the relevant information in every section and should have knowledge to organize every information in a perfect manner. Here question arise, what are these sections? So, there are three sections which is the basic structure of an essay named:

An introduction

This section is the first and last impression of an entire essay. It depends upon you whether you are going to create first impression or last. So, if you want to make an impressionable introduction you must have to include:

  • Background information about the topic through which reader can easily understand what is your topic about and what do you want to say.
  • Also include the information if you have raised any question in the background information with your main points.
  • Make it very clear, concise, and straight to the meaning so that it can totally hook your reader’s attention.

Main body paragraphs

This is the central part of your essay that contains all the necessary and unnecessary information about the topic. Basically, this section should be divided into several paragraphs and number of paraphraphs depends upon the complexity of your topic and wordcount, but the most common structure is there should be three body paragraphs. They contain:

  • Each paragraph focuses on one main idea and make sure to end a paragraph on the same idea on which you have started the discussion.
  • Each paragraph should be start with a topic sentence and the topic sentence should be followed by sentences that containing some evidence to support your topic because in essay writing it is very important to justify everything you write.
  • Evidence will be in the form of information from the other sources like books, journals, online websites, etc. make sure to cite every source you use in your essay writing task.

As discussed above, each paragraph focuses on one main point, but try to link each paragraph to the other at last. It will keep the right track of your information.


This is the last part of an essay writing that is also known as the reflection of an introduction part. it contains all the information that has been raised in the introduction part and body part but in a way that describes the wrapping up of an essay. In short it contains:

  • The thesis statement
  • Tie all the main points of an essay that have already been discussed.
  • Explain why your arguments matters
  • Leave a very strong impression so your reader gets impressed with your entire essay (PES, 2022).

This is the basic structure of an essay that can be implemented while writing any type of essay, but before preceding to the structure it is very important to make a plan to write an essay because it will help you to focus more. So, take a look below.

Essay planning tips

Before start writing an essay, it is very important to plan according to your schedule. It won’t disturb you in any of your work and also planned essay speed up the writing process and give the direction to the essay. Although, many students go for online UK essay writers, US essay writers even having good knowledge about the structure, but due to having poor planning.

Find and understand the topic

Before doing anything, it is very important to understand to find the topic (Arquilevich, Gabriel, 1999) and clearly understand it because without understanding a topic you can’t even do research about your topic accordingly.

Later, understand the type of essay because sometimes students need it online. So, for-example, students have been assigned an argumentative essay, then he/she has to find a platform that has good expertise in argumentative essay so he/she can Buy Argumentative Essay Online without any hesitation.

Do research

After understanding the topic do as much research as possible. it will give you ideas how should start writing and what type of outline should include. However, many students do research after drafting outlines. Although, both processes are correct, you have to choose according to your ease.

Identify and distribute the work

First, determine how many phases there are in your argument, as well as how many significant points there are in your issue. After you’ve identified them, divide them into sections. What should be mentioned in the introduction, what should be added in the body section, and what should be added in the conclusion section?

Next, figure out how many words should write to complete this essay and also identify how many words should be written in each section.

Make a schedule

Making a schedule is very much important in student’ life because it does only save your time but also keep you away from the stress. Therefore, it is very important to divide your work according to the deadline. In this way, you will be able to focus more and will be able to write an effective essay.

Final thoughts

Well, writing a essay is somehow complicated task for the students, but once you have got enough information about its structure and made a plan, then it won’t remain much difficult because writing something in well-structured manner is the most difficult part. Therefore, to overcome this problem above is the information about the structure and planning to write an essay.


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