How to store Bitcoins?

Although Bitcoin’s price gradually reduced in 2019 and 2020, bitcoin’s cost was at its peak in 2020. However, bitcoin is fading in its form, but one cannot deny the benefit of bitcoin. Bitcoin’s value is constantly reducing. With the coming times, it is being anticipated that Bitcoin’s value will increase and it will surpass all-time highs.

The publicized hacking of bitcoin has become very common. Investors are hesitating to invest in bitcoin due to an increase in fraudulent transactions across the globe. The hackers have now come up with different ways of stealing. Moreover, since it is a decentralized system, tracing down the hacker and tracking the transactions can be extremely difficult. Bitcoin is stored in a secure system, Blockchain technology, but it is vulnerable to frequent attacks. The hackers are constantly watching the victims.

How to store Bitcoins?

Since Bitcoins are an essential digital cryptocurrency, it is necessary to process them effectively. There are several ways of storing Bitcoins. Similar to the traditional wallets, Bitcoins are stored in a digital wallet.

The digital wallet is web-based as well as hardware-based. Many people keep bitcoin wallets on their mobile device, safe and on computer desktops. Since these are accessed via private keys, it is advisable to write them now.

Every Bitcoin wallet is secure, and it is necessary to note down the keys to prevent them from being stolen. Without the private key, bitcoin is inaccessible. Computer malfunction can also cause problems, thereby leading to hacking, or a crashing hard drive can also lead you to lose the private key.

Some of the prominent ways to store bitcoin safely include the following

Hot wallets

The online wallets used for storing Bitcoins are referred to as hot wallets. The bitcoin wallets can be found across various app stores on the internet available for various devices such as tablets, phones and computers. However, it can increase vulnerability via private keys. Hot wallets are extremely convenient and can enable you to make transactions. However, the lack of security can make you lose your assets.

Hot wallets are beneficial for storing cryptocurrencies in small amounts. It boosts financial wisdom as you can keep a check on your record. Hot wallets are one of the safest exchange custody wallets.

Cold wallet

Cold wallet, on the other hand, is one of the safest storage options for storing bitcoin. Cold wallets are not connected to the risk, and hence, you can be sure about the lesser risks involved in it. Cold wallets are also known as offline or hardware wallets as there is no intervention of the internet.

The private key is kept safe and can be even written on paper. Furthermore, it may be relayed to entities that do not have any intervention on the internet. The cold wallet is available at the user’s address. There are several software’s available to keep a check of the address. Nonetheless, it is advisable to store private keys thoroughly.

Paper wallet

A paper wallet is also considered to be one of the most trustworthy options for keeping cryptocurrency. The paper wallet is a cold wallet, and you can generate traffic accordingly. Many people consider laminating the paper wallets as one of the best ways for storing the private key. The paper wallets do not follow a proper user interface.

Physical coins

With passing time, more and more people are buying physical Bitcoins. However, whenever you purchase a physical Bitcoin, you need to avoid the risk of tamper-proofing. The price of physical Bitcoins is higher than the usual because of the shipping and manufacturing costs involved.

What are the safety precautions?

Some of the standard safety precautions for storing bitcoin according to include the following


You can easily backup the Bitcoin wallet and store it. This will help you access the Bitcoins and recover them easily even when the computer fails. However, it would help if you preferred backing up the files in multiple locations.

Software updates

It is advisable to keep the software updated for preventing risks. Every updated version has a better security system than the previous one, thereby maintaining bitcoin security. Hence, you should constantly update the computer system.

Multiple signature

Over the years, multiple signatures have become extremely popular. However, one might need approval from three to five people. Furthermore, it prevents the risk of theft.

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